9 Steps To Morning Bliss: Practicing Gratitude Like A Pro 

Having more money, fewer obligations, and more free time are all factors that can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with living an overly full life. This list may go on forever. 

Although these aspirations are admirable, being trapped in the “have-nots” cycle may be draining daily. Rather than feeling content and pleased, you may feel irritated, resentful, and short-tempered. 

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine found connections between being grateful and improving one’s health. “They exhibited improved wellness, a less depressed state of mind, fewer tiredness symptoms, and they slept better,” remarks Paul J. Mills, the study’s author, while discussing the benefits of daily thankfulness practice. A sense of oneness with oneself and the world around me is enhanced whenever you practice gratitude. That’s the opposite of what stress does.” 

It takes work and regular practice to make thankfulness a habit, just like any good behavior. If you give your existence a new direction and purpose, try incorporating these nine easy techniques into your daily gratitude practice. 

1. Switch It Up! 

The scope of your thoughts grows. What this means is that our focus causes things to expand. You control what you perceive by shifting your attention to the positive. Additional reasons to be thankful will come your way when you go about life with gratitude. Yes, it is that easy. Is this where you’re directing your attention? Just flip it if it’s on the negative, lacking, or not working. Gratitude practice ideas, on the other hand, may make you feel better right away. 

2. Think deeply about yourself and ask yourself 

Try asking yourself some contemplative questions as an appreciation exercise.  

“Did I give credit where it was due?” is one example.  

‘Today, what are the blessings I should express my gratitude for?’  

Am I savoring every second of my existence?  

By posing such inquiries, you get insight into the appropriate and inappropriate actions. Why? Because in the pursuit of our loftiest dreams, we tend to lose sight of the little joys surrounding us. Try asking yourself these contemplative questions to appreciate the little things in life and stay in the here and now. 

3. Note your blessings in a diary 

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Write down all the blessings in your life that you can count on. Jot down everything that brought you joy and warmth, whether it was a promotion or something as simple as listening to music you love. One of the most effective methods to feel grateful is to do this. Make sure to refresh this list daily. The amount of calm and relaxation you’ll experience daily will astound you. 

4. Contemplate While Flossing 

Think of all you must be thankful for when you brush your pearly whites first thing in the morning. Going through your to-do list won’t help you concentrate nearly as much as this. So, as you brush your teeth first thing in the morning, let appreciation fill your heart. 

5. Establish a Daily Routine 

Making morning coffee is like praying; it brings you closer to your most holy self. Establish a morning routine as soon as you open your eyes. Compared to when you’re in a constant state of haste, you’ll have a sense of grounded Ness and innate gratitude. 

6. Reflect on the virtues. 

Smile, be grateful, and adore God first thing in the morning.  Remember what a gift it is to be awake every morning—to be, to perceive, to listen, to speculate, to care for, to have a future to anticipate—as you open your eyes and ears.  A great deal of your happiness comes from these little things in life; pleasure is just the emotion of enjoying everything to its fullest. 

Understand that being thankful brings us joy, not pleasure itself. You will find more goodness throughout the day if you make it a practice to notice the nice things that are already yours when you wake up. 

7. Lengthen it. 

Easy to forget, yet very important – morning stretches have several integral benefits: 

  • Makes the joints of the body more mobile 
  • Improving the range of motion and coordination of muscles 
  • Blood flow to several vital organs is enhanced. 
  • Elevated levels of physical and mental energy (because of improved circulation and activity) 

Numerous high-quality stretching instructions are available on YouTube in case you are unsure of the correct way to do it.  Pick the one you believe would work best for you and do it for a few minutes first thing in the morning.  Without a doubt, you will notice a difference in yourself. 

8. Before ingesting anything else, drink a large glass of water. 

Yet another blatantly unnecessary habit that people ignore. 

Since water makes up over 60% of your body, going without water while you sleep will cause you to become severely dehydrated.  Hence, drink just what the body needs to satiate its thirst.  Do not consume any caffeinated or herbal drinks before consuming a minimum of one large glass of water. As a result, your body will begin to respond by waking up, and you will experience increased energy and vitality. 

9. Try Meditating  

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that may help you overcome the worries and stresses of everyday life. Practicing thankfulness may be as simple as 10 minutes of meditation each day. For free guided meditation, download Insight Timer. You may cultivate an attitude of gratitude either way. Improve your performance by making it a habit. 

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Making a new habit a regular part of your schedule, including brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, is an excellent method to stick to. Before you even think about brushing your teeth or showering, sit down for some quiet meditation or prayer. To that end, make meditation an integral part of your morning routine. 

In the end! 

Life becomes easier when you make an effort to be grateful. However, you must dedicate yourself to this. The changes won’t be noticeable instantly, but after you get into the swing of things, you’ll find that you’re more at peace and less irritated by minor issues. 

The moment to start is right now. You won’t believe the difference gratitude can make in your life until you practice it.