Dress Your Windows: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Curtains and Blinds

Decorating your windows with curtains, blinds, or shades is essential in creating an attractive, comfortable home. The right window treatments can enhance your room’s décor, add privacy, control light and even help insulate your house. Finding the perfect window curtains and blinds may seem confusing with so many options. This comprehensive guide will walk you through selecting window treatments that match your style and meet your unique needs.

Take Measurements and Assess Your Windows

Before shopping for curtains or blinds, you must measure your windows carefully. This will ensure that you purchase treatments that properly fit your window openings. Consider the following when measuring:

Window Height and Width

Measure the exact height and width of each window opening. This will determine what size curtains or shades you’ll need. Be sure to measure from inside the window framing.

Window Type

Determine if your windows open inward or outward. This will affect the curtain rod placement and clearance between the window and the treatment. Also, take note of any architectural details like arched tops or bay formations.

Light Exposure and Privacy Needs

Assess the room’s light exposure and your need for privacy or light control. South-facing rooms may require room darkening treatments, while north-facing windows may need sheer treatments to filter more light.

Choose a Style That Fits Your Décor

With measurements in hand, consider design style as you shop for window treatments. Consider the following decorative factors:

Color Scheme

Look at the room’s wall colour, furniture and flooring to inspire your choice of curtain, shade or blind colour. Neutral colours offer flexibility, while bold colours make a statement.

Pattern and Texture

Large patterns suit spacious rooms, while small patterns work better in compact spaces. Also, consider textures like rich fabrics or airy sheers to complement your design aesthetic.

Overall Room Style

Let your room’s existing style guide your window treatment choice. For traditional rooms, embroidered curtains and wooden blinds suit the aesthetic. Contemporary spaces may call for sleek roller shades in metallic fabrics or bamboo.

Choose Functional Features

Beyond aesthetics, window treatments provide practical functions. Assess your lifestyle needs regarding the following:

Light Control

Do you need a complete blackout for sleeping or media rooms? Layered curtains, cellular shades and blinds adjust light filtering.


Insulated curtains and honeycomb shades provide extra protection against cold/heat loss. This can reduce energy bills.

Easy Maintenance

Washable fabrics and wipeable faux wood or aluminium make upkeep easier. Cordless options also provide convenience.

Child/Pet Safety

Cordless curtains and blinds eliminate risks of strangulation or entanglement of little fingers.


Assess affordable options like readymade curtains, discount retailer selections and DIY kits for basic windows. Custom treatments suit trickier configurations.

Select Mounting Type and Hardware

Proper mounting and hardware provide functionality and enhance aesthetics:

Curtain Rods

Rods mounted above the window frame secured to the wall or ceiling. Extend rods 2 to 3 inches wider than the actual window width.

Blind/Shade Brackets

Mounted hardware secures shades or blinds directly to the window moulding or wall around the window. Make sure brackets fit window depth.

Finials and Other Accents

Decorative finials, holdbacks and tiebacks enhance curtains by adding visual weight and detail.

DIY vs. Hiring Out: Weigh Your Options

Installing curtains is relatively straightforward for basic windows. However, for specialty installations, professional help may be needed:

DIY Skills

DIY curtains make sense if you feel comfortable measuring, selecting hardware and handling power tools to drill mounting holes. Use caution on ladders for upper-story windows.

Professional Jobs

Consider hiring an experienced window treatment pro for tricky angles like bay windows, tricky ceiling heights or elaborate layered draperies. This ensures proper securing of curtains to prevent collapse or sagging.

Get Consultation

Even if you are tackling treatments yourself, meet an in-store design expert for advice on adequately measuring your windows, selecting suitable hardware and calculating optimal fabric yardage. Blinds Shop in Melbourne experts can provide consultation on DIY installation or measure windows for custom treatments if needed.

This comprehensive guide will help you select beautiful, functional window curtains and blinds suited to your space’s size, architecture, style and practical needs. Proper measuring, mounting and installation will help your new treatments look beautiful for years. Dressing your windows creates an attractive focal point, enhancing the enjoyment of your home.