Amy Burgos Aviles Wife

Ronald Anthony, a former Border Patrol supervisor suspected of murder, is on trial. He killed his partner, 27-year-old Grizelda Hernandez, and their son, Dominic Alexander, on April 9, 2018. The trial began with opening arguments after five years. Family members of Grizelda and Dominic wore purple in court to symbolize solidarity.

Judge Joe Lopez of the 49th District Court presided and instructed over 20 witnesses. Law enforcement, including Border Patrol officers and Laredo Police investigators, and victim friends and relatives will testify.

 Amy was a Border Patrol supervisor and nine-year veteran. The couple had two kids, but their names and personal lives remain unknown.

Autopsy Details: Grizelda Hernandez

Anthony Burgos Aviles viciously killed his reputed wife and son Dominic Alexander. Grizelda’s autopsy found 27 stab wounds on her head, face, chest, back, arms, and hands. Anthony was Dominic’s father 99.99% of the time, according to the autopsy.

The trial will decide Burgos-Aviles’ guilt or innocence to serve the victims and their families. Burgos-Aviles might be executed for double murder. Authorities are investigating Aviles and Hernandez’s connection. Other case-related information and evidence are also being sought.

Was Anthony Burgos Aviles married to Grizelda Hernandez?

The wife of Anthony Burgos Aviles has been searched. He was married to Amy before. According to Laredo Police Chief Claudio Trevino, Amy was a Border Patrol supervisor and nine-year veteran. The couple had two kids, but their names and personal lives remain unknown. Because the Hernandez family wants to keep Griselda, Anthony’s ex-lover, confidential, the media doesn’t know more.

He was seeing Grizelda Hernandez after divorcing Amy. Hernandez was thought to be pregnant when they started dating. Some rumors indicate Grizelda was Anthony’s wife, although no source is provided.

Her family has opted to keep her personal life and connection with Anthony private. Therefore, more about the late Griselda Hernandez and Amy are unknown. Burgos-Aviles reportedly set up a meeting between Hernandez and their kid at Father McNaboe Park on April 9, 2018, according to the wrongful death claim.

Who is Grizelda Hernandez?

Grizelda Hernandez was Burgos Aviles Wife. Grizelda was a caring mother and former border patrol agent. She had a special bond with her young son Dominic Alexander. Grizelda’s family described her as loving and dedicated to both her family and career.

Grizelda and Dominic shared many precious moments together. Despite being a single mother, Grizelda worked hard to create a loving and supportive environment for her son. Dominic, born on July 26, 2016, was a joyful and curious child who brought immense happiness to his mother’s life.

What is known about Amy Burgos Aviles’s family life?

Amy is known to value her family and often shares general anecdotes and stories, although specifics about her immediate family, including potential children or details about her spouse, are scarce.

The sixth day of the phase of punishment in the trial of Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles continued Friday in 49th Court before Judge Joe Lopez.

Burgos-Aviles was already found guilty on July 6 of murdering his lover Grizelda Hernandez, 27, and their son Dominic Alexander, 1, at Father McNaboe Park on April 9, 2018.

During this second phase of the trial, both the prosecution and the defense already presented their opening arguments as well as witnesses and evidence that help jurors reach a sentence for the defendant: life imprisonment without parole or death penalty.

Among the witnesses who testified on Friday, the testimony of an undisclosed relative of Burgos-Avilés took place.