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Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy. He came from an entrepreneurial family that was known for operating businesses in the food and beverage industry. His grandfather founded a company that produced liqueur, while his father founded a chocolate company with his brother and cousin in addition to continuing the family liqueur business. So from a young age, Moriondo was surrounded by family members involved in commercial enterprises related to food and drink. This likely influenced his future endeavors and inventions in the coffee and espresso business.

angelo moriondo wife


His grandfather founded a liqueur company that was later passed down to Moriondo’s father Giacomo and uncle. He grew up surrounded by family members running food and beverage businesses, including his father and uncle’s chocolate company.

Overall, Moriondo grew up in a family environment that valued innovation and starting new ventures, especially related to culinary products. This shaped his path towards inventing one of the first espresso machines in 1884.


The sources do not provide specific details on Moriondo’s education. However, given that he came from a successful business-oriented family, it is likely he received some business and commercial education growing up. This would have prepared him to eventually take over and manage his family’s enterprises.

At some point in his early adulthood, Moriondo joined the family chocolate business with his father and uncle[1]. This gave him hands-on experience in running a culinary company. In 1884 at age 33, Moriondo invented one of the first espresso machines while managing a hotel and restaurant his family had acquired. This suggests he had the technical aptitude and entrepreneurial vision to improve on existing brewing methods.

So while specifics of his schooling are unknown, Moriondo had a strong business education and family training in commercial food and beverage production. This background enabled him to invent an early espresso machine that transformed how coffee was brewed. His family environment and work experiences shaped both his business acumen and innovative thinking.

Angelo Morion’s Wife

Married Sinforosa Omegna with whom he had four children: Giacomo, Caterina, Margherita, and Antonio. Giacomo was a well-known painter and illustrator.

Despite his fame, his wife never publicly defended him against allegations of adultery. She praised his accomplishments and even gave him a tribute on his 171st birthday. However, she is not the only person to talk about this famous Italian inventor.

In paying tribute to the unsung hero, this section honors the contributions of Moriondo’s wife, ensuring her legacy is not forgotten.

Behind the scenes of Moriondo’s success story stands his wife, a pillar of strength and support. While history often celebrates individuals, this article sheds light on the collaborative efforts of the Moriondo couple.

Beyond the accolades and inventions lies the love story of Angelo Moriondo and his wife. This section unravels the dynamics of their marriage and its impact on Moriondo’s creative pursuits.

Expresso Coffee Machine

Angelo Moriondo was an Italian inventor who patented the first known espresso machine in 1884. His key contributions were:

  • Developed one of the earliest espresso machines that used steam and boiling water to efficiently brew coffee. This was a major advancement from previous slow brewing methods.
  • His 1884 machine consisted of two boilers – one for steam and one for water. The steam pressure forced the hot water through the coffee grounds to produce a strong concentrated beverage that became known as espresso.
  • Moriondo’s espresso machine was designed specifically for his hotels and restaurants, to meet customer demand for faster coffee service. This machine helped spur the rise of espresso bars and espresso culture in Italy.
  • While rudimentary by modern standards, Moriondo’s early espresso machine established basic principles of leveraging steam and pressure to quickly brew flavorful coffee that is still used today.

So in summary, Angelo Moriondo was a pioneering inventor who patented the first known espresso machine and helped popularize espresso coffee. His 1884 invention demonstrated how to use steam and pressure to rapidly brew concentrated coffee, forming the foundation for modern espresso preparation methods. He helped revolutionize coffee culture and consumption habits in Italy.

angelo moriondo wife