Another Eden Wryz Saga II (The Wings of Destiny) Released

Another Eden has released the latest Episode of the Wryz Saga II, The Wings of Destiny. With it comes plenty of rewards, including a new 5-star character, maps, areas, dungeons, and Chrono Stones!

Today, we’re looking at the new Wryz Saga II update and everything it has to offer! Besides the version update, Another Eden is also celebrating the game’s 5th anniversary with some great bonuses! We’ll mention that below as well.

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The Wings of Destiny

Continuing on the exploration of Wyrmrest Isle with Wryz and her allies, they eventually venture their way into a mystical forest where they’re met with tribes of peaceful elves and a ‘strange’ elven girl.

The Wings of Destiny consists of 3 new chapters with plenty of rewards upon completion.

However, to access the latest saga, players need to meet these requirements:

  • App updated to Ver. 3.5.50
  • Main Story Chapter 13 Completed
  • Wryz Saga I Completed

New 5-Star Character – Melpiphia

With the Another Eden Ver 3.5.50 update comes a new character Melpiphia, an elven girl with a unique ability of future sight. From an island to the south, many regard her as an ‘oracle’ with a penchant for causing trouble with her sometimes outlandish behaviors.

Melpiphia is also one of the few characters in Another Eden with a Stellar Awakening, making her a powerful character to pull for. Meliphia is a Wind support character that focuses on shielding allies with barriers that will stop damage for a 1-time hit.

In addition, she can also act as a healer to restore both HP and MP and can increase character speed for 1-turn.

Overall, Melpiphia is a fantastic character to summon if you’re in desperate need of a capable, and reliable Wind support character that can not only save your team from getting attacked but with a variety of heals and buffs to bolster your teams.

Other than the Melpiphia Fateful Encounter, the new update also has a few rerun encounters as well –

  • Fateful Encounter Ally Re-Encounter Slayer Starchart – 5-Star Melissa (Slayer), Wenefica, Oboro, Cerius
  • Global Version 5th Anniversary Fateful Encounter – Eva, Iphi
  • The Ways We Walked Round 9 Fateful Encounter – Sesta, “Beautiful Stranger” Shannon, Yakumo, “Vermillion Whipe” Hozuki, Minalca, “Nobile Blossom” Tshukiha, Lele Another Style (Miracle Worker), Alma, Orleya, “Jet Tactician” Shion

Wryz Saga II Campaign Rewards

To celebrate the release of the new Wryz Saga II campaign, Another Eden players can claim up to 1000 Chronos Stones for completing the latest ‘The Wings of Destiny” Episode.

And for players who missed out on the first episode of the Wryz Saga, now’s a great time to get it completed. The Wryz Saga I release campaign also makes a return and can reward an additional 1000 Chronos Stones for meeting the required conditions.

The campaigns will run for the entire duration of the Ver 3.5.50 update, up to April 30th, 2024.

5th Anniversary Rewards!

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the game’s release, Another Eden devs are awarding increased items for a while:

  • Items increased to 100 CS from January 25 – February 9
  • Items increased to 50 CS from February 9 – February 19

Make sure to log-in and claim the Special Items and CS before the event ends. Find your perfect Another Eden accounts at U7BUY and embark on an epic adventure filled with riches and power!