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The Australian actor, Ben Lawson, has been in the spotlight for his roles in popular shows like ‘Designated Survivor’ and 13 Reasons Why’. However, his private life, including his relationship status, remains a mystery to many. In this article, we will delve into Ben Lawson’s personal life, focusing on his romantic relationships and marital status.

Is Ben Lawson Married?

Ben Lawson has not publicly shared any details about his marital status. He tends to keep his private life out of the public eye, and there have been no confirmed reports or announcements about him being married or having a wife.

We can verify that the 42-year-old Australian actor is not married. Ben penned an essay for such Sydney Morning Herald last month during which he discussed his dating history and verified that he does not currently have a partner.

Who is  Maile Mildrexle

The Australian actor Ben Lawson was in a relationship with his Hawaiian girlfriend, Maile Mildrexle, for three years. The couple met in Portland for the first time when Ben was shooting for the TV show Grimm.

Later Mildrexle moved with him to Los Angeles after her landlord sold her home in Hawaii. However, the couple eventually broke up in 2019 but never publicly shared the reason behind the split.

Ben told The Sydney Morning Herald that Mildrexle was the smartest and kindest person he knew. Further, he mentioned that she was always Mochi’s mother. Mochi was the actor’s pet dog.

Maile Mildrexler Is Dating A Tattoo Artist Named Robbie Ra

Ben Lawson’s former girlfriend, Maile Mildrexler, is currently dating a tattoo artist named Robbie Ra. According to her Instagram post dated April 1, the pair celebrated their anniversary.

Maile shared pictures with her boyfriend, Robbie, and captioned the photo, wishing him a happy anniversary and a million more. The couple has shared limited information about their relationship with the public. Robbie Ra is a tattoo artist by profession, and he is also a model as he is associated with Select Model Management. He is active on Instagram, where he shares several tattoo designs

Ben Lawson Wife- Biography & Wiki

Lawson was born in Brisbane, Queensland, and reared there. He attended Gregory Terrace St. Joseph’s College and graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). He is the third of five boys for mother Diana, the others being Jordan, Josh Lawson, an actor noted for performances on Thank God You’re Here, and Matt Lawson, a Senior Radiographer with Adelaide-based radiology firm Dr. Jones & Partners. 

Ben Lawson Relationship History

Designated Survivor star Ben Lawson is currently single and hasn’t been romantically linked with anyone since his split with his ex-girlfriend Maile Mindrexler. However, he dated before he met Maile.

He has been known to be with two women: a girl named Melissa and actress Harriet Dyer.

Melissa Was Ben Lawson’s First Serious Girlfriend

Lawson met his ex-girlfriend Melissa while working at a restaurant in Brisbane. He fell in love with her even though she had a boyfriend at the time. But when she left, they emailed each other for eight months.

One time he asked Melissa if he could come over and see or stay with her, and when she said yes, he immediately flew over and confessed his love for her. He stayed for four months. They used to meet each other when she came back. He still sends an email on her birthday every year.

Ben Lawson’s Romantic Relationship With Harriet Dyer

Lawson and Dyer were believed to be dating for a couple of months, but they never confirmed their relationship in public. They shared multiple pictures of them together on social media. They were said to be in a long-distance relationship.

When Dyer was asked if she was visiting Ben when she flew to California, she revealed that she and Ben’s relationship was over, reports the Daily Mail.


 Lawson appeared as Frazer Yeats in the Australian serial opera Neighbours in 2006. At the 2007 Logie Awards, he was nominated for Most Popular New Male Talent. Yeats, his character, left in April 2008.

Lawson appeared in the film No Strings Attached, alongside Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. In August 2012, he was cast as Benjamin, a love interest for the main character Chloe, in the ABC sitcom Don’t Believe the B—— in Apartment 23. (Krysten Ritter). Lawson co-starred in the CBS drama Doubt with Laverne Cox in 2017. Lawson was described as a “great actress” by Cox on The Talk. 

What Do Fans Think of Ben Lawson’s Relationship Status?

Many fans respect Ben Lawson’s decision to keep his private life private. There is a general understanding and acceptance that celebrities like Lawson are entitled to their privacy, and not everything needs to be shared with the public.


Ben Lawson has managed to keep his private life, particularly his romantic relationships, out of the public eye. As of my last update, there have been no public announcements or confirmed reports regarding his relationship status. Fans respect his decision to maintain his privacy in this area of his life.