Different Types of Leased Lines Available to Businesses

Businesses often require a high-quality, uninterrupted internet connection for transferring large data files or running VoIP telephony. A leased line is an ideal solution for delivering these needs with a fixed bandwidth and resilience.

A dedicated leased line will provide a direct, hyperfast ethernet connection over 100% fibre optic cables between your business and the local exchange. Depending on the infrastructure already in place, installation timeframes vary from site survey to delivery.

Dedicated Line

A dedicated line is a high-speed data connection that’s exclusively for your business. The data travels at the speed of light so it’s faster than other types of connections.

It offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, so you can surf the web, video conference with clients or send files at the same speed. A dedicated leased line also comes with a service level agreement, ensuring your connectivity issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

It’s an ideal choice for businesses that rely on high-speed internet for critical operations such as remote working and cloud based software. It’s also the best option for connecting sites in a business to create a private network that improves efficiency and reduces data transfer costs.

Uncontended Line

If quick and reliable data exchange is crucial to your business, a dedicated leased line could be the best option for you. Unlike full fibre and superfast broadband, a leased line is uncontended so it’s not shared with any other users, giving you a consistent connection without any slowing down during busy times. In addition, a leased line offers symmetrical upload and download speeds allowing you to surf the web, upload large files or video conference with clients at the same speed.

Leased lines are delivered either wirelessly via radio or physically through fibre cables. Wireless leased lines are a fast and cost-effective solution that can be installed in 10-21 working days, whereas fibre can take 60-90 days depending on the location of the site as a duct may need to be dug up to lay the cable.

Giganet can provide point to point internet leased lines from 100Mb/s up to 10Gb/s paired with redundancy and multi-site solutions. Contact us today to discover more about what our leased line solutions can do for your business.

Hybrid Line

For businesses that rely on internet applications for collaboration and communication, reliable connectivity is essential. Unlike broadband connections, which can experience fluctuating speeds due to shared bandwidth, leased lines provide dedicated and uncontended connection solely for business use. This ensures stable performance, ideal for data-intensive tasks and real-time applications.

Dedicated leased lines are also symmetrical, meaning that download and upload speeds are equal. This is a huge benefit for businesses that utilise cloud-based applications or work remotely.

A leased line connection typically comprises of fibre optic cables connecting from your business to the ISP. The fibres transmit pulses of light, which your equipment at either end can then read as binary signals – 1s and 0s.

Different types of leased line connections include Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC), Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and Ethernet Access Direct (EAD). The difference between these options is that EoFTTC and EFM connect to your business via copper cables, whereas EAD uses fibre to the cabinet, making it faster.

Multi-Site Line

If your business has multiple sites, you will need a solution to connect them together. The multi-site line offers a dedicated network circuit that connects multiple branches with minimal latency and lag.

This leased line is a direct, hyperfast ethernet connection over 100% fibre optic cable between your business and the local exchange. It’s symmetrical, meaning download and upload speeds are equal which is perfect for businesses who rely on cloud services or video conference calls.

The leased lines are also uncontended so they don’t suffer from the same issues as other connection types like ADSL, which sees upload and download speeds drop during peak times. It’s also scalable, meaning that as your business grows you can upgrade the bandwidth without having to change any of the infrastructure. This makes it a secure and stable solution for large businesses that rely on internet-based services. Giganet can offer your business a range of dedicated lines from 100Mb/s to over 10Gb/s.