The Shopping Trolley: Discover the Shopping Trolley!

Discover the Shopping Trolley

Do you want to help your customers carry their shopping bags home? Thanks to the shopping cart, you can! Personalize it with your business’s name and logo, and the shopping trolley will be a very useful gift for rewarding your most loyal customers. No more carrying heavy bags!

The shopping trolley is easy to transport and the right size to follow you through the narrow passages separating the market stalls. You can take it anywhere, and rainy days won’t be a problem because the trolley is waterproof! In this article, you will learn about supermarket trolleys and where to see shopping trolleys for sale in case you need them for your retail business.

The Modern Shopping Cart Is Called a Shopping Trolley

Talking about a shopping trolley brings to mind an accessory from times gone by: the foldable basket with wheels used by grandmothers to go to the market. Over time, this accessory has been completely revisited, and an original modern version has been created, namely the shopping trolley!

The modern shopping trolley is designed to be light and easy to handle, resistant and stable even when loaded with bags, and, above all, to take up little space when unused.

The Foldable Shopping Trolley

Look at the cart in Valentino’s catalogue; you will immediately have a valid example to better understand what I’m talking about. A modern and essential line, the nylon bag is resistant and does not deteriorate even after many uses. If it gets dirty, you can wash it with a damp sponge. Furthermore, nylon is a waterproof material, protecting the contents from rain, which allows you to use the shopping trolley even when the weather is uncertain.

The modern trolley is a foldable shopping bag. The bag has a rigid base on which two wheels and two thin iron brackets are mounted to keep the trolley standing. Perfectly balanced, the shopping trolley maintains its vertical position without falling forward.

The most important feature of the modern shopping trolley lies in the fact that it is a completely foldable accessory. The wheels and brackets can be turned towards the rigid base of the bag thanks to a simple mechanism. The nylon bag folds on itself and remains closed thanks to the strips.

It practically becomes a thin, space-saving rectangular package! Not only can it be stored in very little space, but thanks to the protruding handles, you can comfortably carry it by hand when it is empty.

The Shopping Trolley: Walk More, Pollute Less!

Having a shopping cart at home could facilitate purchases made within the neighbourhood of residence, such as going to your local bakery to buy bread, going to the market to choose the freshest fruit and vegetables, or doing your weekly shopping at the local supermarket.

Usually, these short trips within your neighbourhood are often made by car. It’s not a question of laziness, but travelling on foot is difficult and truly tiring, especially when carrying so many bags at once.

Loading all your purchases in the rear trunk of a car is convenient, but every time you take the car, you have to deal with neighbourhood traffic, which slows down even the shortest journeys, and with the problem of parking.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an area where there are large spaces to leave the car. Every stop, even if short, requires a parking space, and we know how difficult it can be to find one! Let’s hope for a stroke of luck or leave the car double-parked!


Choose a shopping trolley that best represents your business and personalize it with a trendy graphic, obviously accompanied by your logo. Your customers will much appreciate this promotional gadget, which they will not hesitate to reuse, and it will be a sure advertisement for you. You can check our catalogue at Valentino for shopping trolleys for sale!