Everything You Need to Know About Freeze Pipes for Smoking

Everything You Need to Know About Freeze Pipes for Smoking

Freeze pipes are designed with a freezable glycerine coil that instantly cools smoke upon inhalation. Glycerine is a non-toxic ingredient that’s used in many products, including medicines and toiletries.

The glycerine in freeze pipes offers three filtration levels versus the one bongs offer. It’s not uncommon to feel throat discomfort from hot smoke, but the glycerine in freeze pipes helps to eliminate that.


Glycerine is a non-toxic, syrupy substance that’s composed of fatty acids. It’s an organic compound that’s often found in things like moisturizers, soaps, and foods. It’s also an important ingredient in e-liquids. If you pick up any bottle of e-liquid, you’ll likely see the letters VG: PG on it. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine, one of the main ingredients in every e-liquid. Glycerin is used in place of propylene glycol because it’s safer for use around people. Glycerin is miscible with water, which makes it a great way to increase the viscosity of certain solutions. It can also serve as a solvent and a plasticizer. It’s also a common ingredient in fog machines and theatrical smoke.

In tobacco products, glycerin can be used as a humectant and an emollient.

Easy Clean Up

freeze pipe has a chamber filled with glycerin that can be frozen, and when the smoke passes through, it is instantly cooled. This cooling offers several benefits.

It prevents ash from being blown into the smoker’s mouth or airway. It also prevents tar from being absorbed into the throat. Freeze pipes are a grade up from bongs in terms of filtration.

Moreover, the cold smoke is gentle on the throat and does not burn it like hot smoke can. This means that you can take bigger hits without risking choking.

Another benefit of using a freeze pipe is that it is easy to clean. This is because the glycerine in the freezing chamber breaks down resin, making it brittle and easier to remove from the pipe. You can then use cleaning solutions that fizz to break down any remaining resin further. You can find these products online or at some smoke shops.

Easy To Use

The freeze pipe is a glass device that is the rage right now. They’re popping up everywhere, and everyone is raving about how they deliver ice-cold hits. These pipes feature glycerin chambers that can be pre-frozen in your freezer to cool smoke to a comfortable icy temperature. The glycerin, the non-toxic gel-like substance found in food and sweeteners, also filters out any ash or tar that can often be present with smoke.

There’s no stoner out there who would turn down a smooth hit without throat discomfort. This device offers this experience with a simple, convenient, and calming smoking method. To use, pop your pipe in the freezer for an hour before you want to sesh. Then, inhale and enjoy! This unique device even comes with a honeycomb-style bowl to make reloading a breeze. Stock your shop with a few of these pipes to give customers a more discreet and enjoyable way to smoke Cannabis.

It Offers A Smoother Smoking Experience

Freeze pipes have a glycerin chamber that, when frozen, cools the smoke as it passes from the bowl to your lips and into your lungs. This results in a much smoother and cooler smoking experience than you would find with other pipes that don’t have this feature.

This glycerin chamber also acts as a filtration system, making your smoking experience smoother and more enjoyable. This is because the glycerin filters out ash and tar, producing a clean, smooth smoke that won’t hurt your throat.

Glycerin is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in a wide variety of foods and sweeteners. It also has many health benefits, including skin care and wound healing. It’s a great choice for a frozen pipe because it doesn’t expand when frozen, which could otherwise shatter the glass of the piece. Instead, it’s a solid, durable material that can withstand repeated use and freezing.