How Can You Customize the Bottles?

Making anything specifically your own is the art of customization, and there are countless options for bottling. Our most recent blog article explores the imaginative realm of bespoke label bottling. Whether through custom designs, unique text, or top-notch materials, we’ll look at how you can bring individuality to each bottle.

We will assist you with every stage of the customizing process, from picking the ideal font for your business’s tone to deciding on a bold color scheme. We will also direct you to one of the safest bottled water labeling companies near you.

Things You Can Consider When Choosing a Custom Water Bottle

Now that you understand why investing in personalized bottles is a great option let’s find out how you can personalize them to make them unique and unforgettable:


One of the things you can customize on your bottle is the designs, which can vary according to the company’s style and target audience.

For example, suppose your company wants to offer water bottles for children, and for every product sold, the customer receives a gift. In that case, it is possible to personalize the bottle with children’s items, such as drawings. Furthermore, you can choose specific colors and dates for each audience, such as Pink October, or diversify so that even the color of the bottle resembles your brand.

Represent Company Values

Another way to customize your bottle is by placing elements that demonstrate the company’s interests and passions. If the company operates in the gym segment, for example, it can place different elements and icons on the bottle that resemble the gym, as well as its values ​​and mission. In addition to adding a special touch to a personalized gift, you can share a little of what the brand wants with your customers and employees.

Insert Handles and Straps

Another way of personalizing is to place well-known accessories such as straps. It handles bottles and squeeze bottles, especially if the objective of the gift is to encourage physical activity or walking. Both items can help a lot when carrying the bottle, as it can be hung on your shoulders or in your hand.

For example, if the gift is for college students or office employees, these accessories can be attached to the backpack. One interesting point of adding straps is that they can be adjusted to the size of the person using them.

Nozzles and Valves

Some bottles offer models containing special valves and nozzles, which greatly help when consuming the drink. These nozzles can be of three types:

  • Retractable nozzle;
  • Jet;
  • Straw beak.

The positive aspect of offering products with these types of spouts is that the water flow tends to be more controlled, which helps, for example, if the personalized bottles are for children. Valves can also be great alternatives, as they prevent leaks when the bottle is closed and left lying in the bag.

Filters and Infusers

If your goal is to offer a personalized and unique bottle every time, it’s a great idea to opt for models with filters or infusers. The filters help the user add fruit or herbs or strain the teas in a simple and very practical way. On the other hand, infusions are useful, as you can infuse herbs, fruits, or other items in the bottle.

This is great for gifts for adults who tend to lead a healthier lifestyle, or this is the habit that your company wants to offer; after all, they are able to give a more than special touch to the drink.

Before starting to personalize your bottle, it is very important to consider your needs and what your audience wants to receive. Therefore, besides improving product quality, the above items help your company stand out and make the bottle unique and pleasing to the eye.

When Can Companies Offer Custom Water Bottles Labeling?

Many companies opt for custom bottle gifts to please their respective customers or even offer them at fairs, their team of employees, and others on the team. It is common, for example, to see universities offering a small bag with various personalized gifts to their new students, including a bottle, as a mention and conveying the value of care.

Furthermore, it is very common to offer gifts at fairs. After all, you will come across a range of competitors, and the item that is most attractive and eye-catching will certainly keep the brand in the mind of a potential customer. You can offer custom water bottles at gyms, too. Whether when signing the company plan or during a visit with a nutritionist to demonstrate the care and importance of staying hydrated.

Finally, we can easily mention custom water bottles as end-of-year souvenirs for employees or customer groups that refer to a specific date, be it Christmas, New Year, Pink October, Blue November, or other important periods of the year.


Prices for custom water bottles vary depending on the quantity you order, model, and size. Hence, you can contact us to request a quote for your order. Finally, now that you understand everything you need to know about custom water bottles, how and when they can be used as gifts, and their shapes, models, and sizes, you are ready to request your quote from us and assemble your combo. Get the safest bottled water at Aqua Custom Label Bottling today when you request a quote!