How to boost 4G signal?

It should come as no surprise that access to uninterrupted, speedy mobile signals is highly advantageous today. As you may know, proper 4G provides a stable connection. However, this version of broadband technology, reliable as it can be, isn’t immune to connection issues. That is why knowing how to boost 4g signal is so important according to UCtel. Fortunately, several reliable techniques could be implemented to allow you to solve this issue.

Let’s look at some tips that can provide a proper signal and check what causes poor connection in the first place. Afterward, you’ll know how to boost the 4G signal in a myriad of ways.

Why said signals can be so poor

Being as reliable as it is, 4G has been created to allow for better and speedier internet. It aims to improve quality beyond its 3G predecessor. However, most of us with 4G-capable devices understand that issues with poor signals can affect various functions. So before finding ways to boost the 4G signals, it’s essential to identify main causes.

Poor signals can be attributed to several things. Let’s check below is a list of the most common ones:

  • Excess network traffic and usage: the speed of networks depends heavily on the number of users in a particular area or under a particular tower and too many will slow things down;
  • Physical barriers: anything solid can weaken or outright block signals and these include natural features like mountains and forests as well as man-made things like concrete walls, steel and glass
  • Location of place network is being used: if an area is far away from a cell tower or anywhere remote where the network is often weak poor signal will be experienced
  • Weather: poor weather also contributes to this and it comes in the form of heavy cloud cover and rains, thick snow as well and powerful winds
  • Personal device issues: this could be a result of a low battery, physical damage, poorly inserted or destroyed sim cards, unadjusted device settings, or an old model device’s incompatibility with 4G
  • The fault of network providers: poor signal on their part could be due to ongoing maintenance or a myriad of other technical problems

Issues that could be fixed quickly

While the above are prevailing issues, each of them has its fixes. By looking at the above, it’s clear that some of the problems are device-based, which means they tend to be quicker fixes. Additionally, some issues may require assistance from professional consultants or network providers. Here are several methods on how to enhance 4G signals:

For device-based issues

The above has shown that what you use can determine the quality of the signal received. For device-based issues, here is a short list of how you can overcome these hindrances:

  • adjusting the device’s settings, which may include switching off airplane mode
  • charging the battery or removing the device from battery-saving mode
  • improving all device software to eliminate anything that could impede signal reception
  • ensuring that the sim card and its slot are clean and well-inserted
  • acquiring a device that is compatible with 4G technology

Weather issues and physical barriers

When the weather or the nature of the structure you’re currently in becomes a factor, there’s no adjustment to your device you can make that can improve things. As such, you need to know how to boost the 4G signals in other ways. There are two major ways in which this can be done and they are as follows:

1. Use of external antennas

External antennas essentially pick up signals in the area and acting as repeaters do, they in themselves can boost things. They are usually installed on the outside of buildings at a high point where signals can be caught better. One antenna can be enough, but multiple is preferable if a space is too large and houses many devices.

2. Incorporating the antennas with signal boosters

Signal boosters are units that strengthen any signals in the area. The unit consists of the aforementioned external antenna, an internal one as well as an amplifier that connects the two. The external antenna is set up outside and receives the signal which it then sends to the amplifier inside the building via coaxial cable. The amplified signal is then transmitted to the internal antenna, which is placed in an optimal area through which all users are best serviced.

Because of the versatile layout of this unit, it can be used by just about anyone in any building setup, and like the sole antenna method, larger spaces need more of both antenna types. It is for this reason that they are often thought of as the best way to handle 4G signal issues.

The importance of finding the right help

While solving the problems on your own by fixing your device or allowing network providers to fix the issues is valid, boosters are a perfect preventive measure. With literally billions of people using 4G, services that allow for enhancement of this type of signal are very important, especially in a fast-paced world. With them in hand, the chances of experiencing poor signals drop. However, this is contingent on the quality of the provider you’re partnering up with.

Such providers possess some key elements you need to look for. These include the following:

  • They should be well equipped technologically and personnel-wise to handle all situations
  • They should be well-established and have a bunch of feedback
  • They should be able to cater to all speeds even as far as 5G
  • They should be willing to continue helping with maintenance

Final thoughts

Knowing how to boost a 4G signal will help with seamless communication, which is beyond helpful in both domestic and business capacities. Several things can be pointed to as to why faulty signals occur and fortunately, the above information has shown that these problems can be solved in numerous fashions.

As you go through the journey of boosting your 4G signal, the first thing to do is eliminating the main reasons for a bad signal, starting from your devices. If that’s not the cause, move on to installing an antenna and/or booster, something that needs the right partner!