How to Choose A Pair of Winter Cycling Gloves For Women

Gloves are among the few cycling apparel that have to fit perfectly to give the best performance. You might have heard that you need to get a pair of gloves that sit on every inch of your hand. And, yes, I’ll tell you straight up. The best cycling gloves act like your second skin.

However, as a woman, getting a perfect fit for your cycling needs can be a hard string to pull. Things get harder when you realize that your hand goes through slight size changes, under different circumstances. Another thing, you might find it hard to determine which winter gloves will work best for you. The deal killer will always be getting something thickly padded that doesn’t fit perfectly.

But don’t be mistaken, thickness is a crucial feature in winter. Your hands will also need to stay out on the handle, taking all the cold that winter has to offer.

If you’re unsure of your buying skills, let’s make the process easier for you.

Features of Winter Cycling Gloves For Women

  • Balance Between Bulk And Warmth

While winter comes with enough cold, speed cycling exposes you to more cold. That may tempt you to get very thick gloves without considering the level of comfort and strength of grip. Remember, your hands need to remain dexterous enough to operate controls. So, instead of getting an overtly layered pair of gloves, look for a windproof one.

Such gloves should have a windproof outer layer and a medium-sized layer of insulation. The windproof layer should sit on the back of the hand as a soft, medium-sized pad sits on the palm.

To keep the heat from escaping, the glove should have a strap on the wrist. Besides sealing the heat, the straps reduce the size of the glove ending and make it possible to tuck your cycling gloves.

  • Water Resistance

There are two options to remain warm even under wet weather conditions. Get either waterproof gloves or a pair that keeps your hands warm even when wet.

A good waterproof pair will have excellent features such as a soft shell fabric that prevents rain from trickling through the glove. Besides, such gloves have a special internal padding system that keeps your hands dry even when sweating. The pads are super absorbent for the sake of dispersing sweat while keeping your hands warm. Waterproof gloves perform both functions simultaneously.

Speaking of the second option, you need sealed seams and high cuffs. Get a highly water-resistant material like neoprene. Such gloves have a neoprene layer that prevents the water drops from reaching the skin. However, these drops will rest on the layer of material, just close to your skin. With time, the water drops will turn warm from your hand’s heat. While waterproof gloves might not provide 100% protection from the rain, this option is better for rainy days.

  • Palm And Finger Texture

This feature gives enough reason why you can’t use skiing or hiking gloves for cycling. The perfect palm texture will give you a good grasp for controlling the brakes and gears. Besides, this will make it comfortable to operate the controls without sliding even when they’re damp.

A good finger texture will also give you a strong grip on the handlebars even when damp.

In this digital era, there are gloves with the right texture for operating your bike computer without taking off the glove. In this case, you will need to wear a touchscreen inside your index finger to operate apps like Strata on your phone. The less you expose your hands to the winter cold, the more body heat you’ll retain.

So, look for an artificial leather material for the palms with a silicone grip. The fingers may be device-compatible to avoid exposing your hands to the cold whenever you need to operate your smartphone.

  • Perfect Fit

Cycling winter gloves will only be fit for purpose if they cover every square inch of your skin and seal in heat. For instance, such features as high cuffs are important in preventing heat loss. As aforementioned, this feature ensures your jacket is tightly tucked.

Your hands take much more space when folded than when straight. So, be sure to leave out some wiggle room. Another benefit of getting a roomy glove is allowing enough blood circulation through your hands.

To pull this off, use the vendor’s sizing charts and compare your measurements. If the vendor lacks sizing charts, consider skimming through the reviews to know which way to follow.

Finding The Right Winter Cycling Glove For You

While you may want perfect features and designs, the cycle glove will only be perfect if it fits you excellently. So, consider the cycling circumstances you’ll most likely experience. For instance, if you’ll be riding in Alaska, you may not take gloves that are recommended for the UK.

Consider the time of the day you mostly cycle and your cycling destination.