Javaughn J. Porter Age, Wiki, Parents, Biography, Net Worth

Javaughn J. Porter: a name often associated with the glamour of the hip-hop world due to his lineage. The young starlet’s celebrity status primarily stems from being the progeny of hip-hop sensation, Blueface. Known for his chart-buster hit ‘Thotiana’ and collaborations with industry titans such as Drake, Scott Storch, The Game, Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, Offset, and NLE Choppa, Blueface’s fame extends to his son, Javaughn. Join us as we delve into the intriguing life of this celebrity child, exploring his background, family, and the bond he shares with his renowned father.

Javaughn Johnathan Porter Biography

Attribute Information
Full Name Javaughn Johnathan Porter
Birthday 28 April 2017
Birthplace Los Angeles, CA, United States
Age 6 years old as of 2023
Mom Jaidyn Alexis
Father Johnathan Michael Porter (BlueFace)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Height 42 inches
Weight 42 Pounds
Siblings Alexis Porter
Net Worth Around $50,000

Birthed into the world of stardom, Javaughn J. Porter was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, in 2017. His birth represents the union of two distinct talents – his father, Johnathan Michael Porter, better known as Blueface, an acclaimed American rapper, and his mother, Jaidyn Alexis, a skilled beauty and skincare expert. Born out of wedlock, Javaughn’s life has been nothing short of extraordinary. He’s the source of inspiration behind Blueface’s song, “Deadlocs,” and the recipient of a permanent token of affection as his name is etched on his father’s forearm. As much as he’s cherished by his parents, his grandmother, Karlissa Saffold, holds an equally special place in her heart for him.

Javaughn J. Porter Age, Parents

Born on the 28th of April, Javaughn J. Porter, as of 2021, is an exuberant 4-year-old. His mother, Jaidyn Alexis, shines in her role as a successful skincare product line manager. In contrast, his father, Johnathan Michael Porter, has left an indelible mark in the music industry as a respected singer, rapper, and songwriter. The birth of Javaughn added a new dimension to Blueface’s life, compelling him to commemorate his son’s birth with the song “Deadlocs” and a significant tattoo on his right forearm.

Javaughn Siblings and Family

Currently, Javaughn is the only child of Blueface. However, life evolves, and there’s a possibility that his parents, now pursuing their individual lives, might extend their families, providing Javaughn with step-siblings. On August 6th, Jaidyn Alexis welcomed her second child with Blueface, a girl named Alexis Porter. Beyond his immediate family, Javaughn shares a familial bond with his charming aunt Kali Miller, Blueface’s elder sister, and his uncle Andre L. Harvey (King Dre), currently serving a sentence for an unintentional crime. Javaughn’s grandmother, Karissa Saffold, provides a layer of familial warmth to his life.

Personal Life

Being just five years old, Javaughn J. Porter is understandably absent from social media platforms. Nonetheless, he occasionally graces the social media posts of his parents. His father maintains an engaging Instagram presence with the handle @bluefacerap, while his mother shares snippets of their life under the username @jaidynalexxis. Together, they offer glimpses into Javaughn’s life to their collective followers, strengthening the bond between their fans and their young son.

Javaughn J. Porter Net Worth

Though merely a child with no occupation, Javaughn J. Porter enjoys a lifestyle cushioned by his parents’ success. Estimated to have a net worth under $50,000, his financial status will undoubtedly soar as he comes of age, thanks to his father’s substantial wealth. Blueface boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $5 million, and as his legal heir, Javaughn is in line to inherit a considerable part of his father’s fortune. This patrimony does not merely imply financial wealth but also the legacy of a self-made, successful musician and a resilient mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Javaughn J. Porter’s parents?

Javaughn J. Porter is the son of renowned rapper Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, and Jaidyn Alexis, a skincare and beauty expert.

How old is Javaughn J. Porter?

Born on the 28th of April in 2017, Javaughn J. Porter is currently 6 years old as of 2023.

Does Javaughn J. Porter have siblings?

Javaughn J. Porter has a younger sibling, a sister named Alexis Porter, born to his parents Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis.

What is Javaughn J. Porter’s net worth?

While still a child and not earning his own income, Javaughn J. Porter’s estimated net worth is currently under $50,000. He stands to inherit from his father’s estimated $5 million net worth as he comes of age.

Is Javaughn J. Porter active on social media?

As of 2023, being only 6 years old, Javaughn J. Porter is not personally active on social media platforms. However, he occasionally features in posts on his parents’ Instagram profiles.

How old is Blueface’s baby?

As of 2023, Blueface’s eldest child, Javaughn J. Porter, is 6 years old. His youngest child, Alexis Porter, was born in August 2022, making her less than a year old.

How much is Blueface’s baby worth?

While we cannot accurately determine the net worth of a child, it is safe to say that Javaughn J. Porter, Blueface’s son, enjoys a comfortable lifestyle owing to his father’s success. Javaughn’s current estimated net worth is under $50,000. As the legal heir to his father’s fortune, he stands to inherit a portion of Blueface’s estimated net worth of $5 million as he grows older.

Where was Blueface born?

Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Javaughn J. Porter, a name intrinsically linked to the hip-hop universe, is much more than a celebrity child. A symbol of his father’s profound love and inspiration for his music, Javaughn represents the intertwining of his parents’ divergent worlds – the rhythm of hip-hop and the aesthetics of skincare and beauty. As we watch this young star grow, we look forward to the legacy he will create, inspired by his father’s melody, his mother’s elegance, and his unique personality.

While Javaughn J. Porter’s journey has only just begun, the blend of his father’s charisma, his mother’s grace, and his inherent charm promises a captivating narrative of a boy growing up in the limelight. As he comes of age, we can’t wait to see the path Javaughn chooses for himself. Will he tread the well-established path of his father, or will he carve a unique niche for himself? Only time will tell, and the world eagerly waits to see the saga unfold.