Matt Mccusker’s Wife (Britanny McCusker)

Popular comedian and writer, Matt McCusker lives a happily married life with his loving wife. Mccusker acknowledges the fact among the public that he is a dedicated husband.

Matt Mccusker’s wife is Brittany. Yes, they have kids together. Both Matt and Brittany McCusker’s children are very precious, and they are a credit to their parents. 

Matt uses his Instagram account frequently to post upbeat family photographs to the platform.

Being a co-host on Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast helped the comic and writer garner much attention and respect in their field.

Early Life

Matt McCusker, born in 1977, had a tumultuous childhood and unstable early life that led to his eventual troubles later in life. Born to a single mother who had to work two jobs to provide for him, Matt had to fend for himself most of the time. His father had been absent and had left the family when Matt was just a toddler. The lack of stable parental guidance in his formative years led to Matt’s difficulties in school and his inability to make and keep friends.

In his teenage years, Matt worked odd jobs to earn money for his family. He was determined to help his mother and younger siblings and often put their needs before his own. He was determined to make a better life for himself, and enrolled in college, hoping to make a better life for his family.

Who Is Matt McCusker’s Wife Brittany?

Matt McCusker and his wife Brittany McCusker are the parents of two adorable children. Brittany, Matt McCusker’s wife, is a wonderful mother and a fantastic housekeeper. Matt and Brittany had their second child in June 2022. Fortunately, she can be found on Facebook, where fans can view beautiful photos of the McCusker family.

Brittany’s Facebook posts revealed that she obtained a Master of Science in Criminological Science (MSFS) degree in 2017. She was also a Chicago Bulls team promoter. Brittany also has an Instagram account, @ohno cookie, where she has 523 posts and 727 followers.

Matt Leads A Happy Life With His Family

Matt McCusker’s family consists of his partner Brittany and their two adorable children. The couple welcomed their first toddler into the family, a daughter, in March 2020.

The little bundle of joy will celebrate her 3rd birthday in March 2023.

Delighted father McCusker marked the 1st birthday of his daughter on March 3, 2021. He shared a happy picture of the child on Instagram and wrote, “1 year today. Unreal,” while captioning the post. The little angel looked full of joy, resembling her dear father.

A previous IG post of July 2020 saw the father-daughter duo giving their cutest smile of all time. “Just a father doing a fatherly thing,” a superfan pinned in the comment section. Indeed, the cute little nugget has the sweetest smile, and many say their facial features are identical.

The pair’s second child arrived in June 2022. The comedian couldn’t hold his joy while sharing the news of his baby’s arrival on Instagram on June 1, 2022. Fans and close ones reacted quickly and gave the delighted parents congratulatory messages and best wishes.

Matt and Brittany Have Two Kids Together

Matt McCusker’s wife Brittany is an incredible mother and wonderful housemaker. Matt and Brittany welcomed their second child in June 2022.

The loving pair have been inseparable since they first met, and now they are the proud parents of two offspring. The podcaster often features his beautiful partner and two kids on social media posts and marks special occasions such as birthdays.

Brittany is also on Instagram under the username @ohno_cookie, with 523 posts and 727 followers. Her IG bio says, “Peace is restrained, I’d rather be free… A free spirit with a wild heart.” However, she has made her account private.

Luckily, she is available on Facebook, where fans can glimpse beautiful pictures of the McCusker family. Her Facebook posts revealed that she earned a Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS) in 2017. Moreover, she was a Chicago Bulls Cheerleader.

Brittany serves as the greatest supporter of her dear partner. Consider when she shared about Matt’s coming performance at Zanies Comedy Club in November via Facebook on June 9, 2022. She wrote, “Please come out and support my man- my baby daddy!!!”

Matt and Brittany appear to share a very healthy and warm relationship, as there is no rumor of their separation or divorce. The pair continue to spark their romance and strengthen their bonding while raising their two kids.

How does Children affect Matt and Brittany’s Relationship?

Matt McCusker’s wife, Brittany, is an amazing mother and a fantastic housemaker. In June of 2022, Matt and Brittany were blessed with the arrival of their second child.

Since they first crossed paths, the doting couple has been inseparable, and they are now the delighted parents of two children of their own. 

The podcaster frequently acknowledges significant anniversaries, such as birthdays, by posting pictures of his stunning girlfriend and two adorable children on social media.

How did Matt McCusker meet his wife?

The story of how Matt met his wife is yet another aspect of their relationship that remains a mystery. They’ve chosen to keep these personal moments and stories private.

Matt Enjoys A Wonderful Life Together With His Family

Brittany, Matt McCusker’s partner, and the couple’s two gorgeous children make up the McCusker family. In March 2020, the couple became parents for the first time to a little girl who joined their family.

The little bundle of joy will have her third birthday in March 2023. She is going to be 3 years old then.

On March 3, 2021, satisfied father McCusker celebrated his daughter’s first birthday with family and friends. 

On Instagram, he posted a picture of the child looking cheerful with the caption, “1 year today. Unbelievable, “when I put the caption on the post. The little angel appeared to be filled with happiness, just like her cherished father.

In an earlier Instagram image from July 2020, the father and daughter team flashed their prettiest smile ever. 

Matt McCusker Ex-Wife

Matt McCusker was an American lawyer who had a high-profile divorce with his ex-wife, Ellen. The couple tied the knot in 2009 but soon began experiencing marital issues. In 2014, the couple mutually agreed to get a divorce. The divorce proceedings went on for two years and were finalized in 2016.

Since the divorce, Matt and Ellen have both maintained a certain level of privacy regarding their marriage and subsequent divorce. However, the details of their divorce settlement were made public. According to the settlement, Ellen was awarded spousal support and half of Matt’s assets. Matt was also required to pay alimony to Ellen for a period of five years.

Though the divorce was difficult for both parties, they both managed to move on with their lives. Matt went on to practice law and found success. He was able to launch a successful legal practice and currently serves as a corporate lawyer for a major law firm. Ellen took some time off from work and decided to focus on her education. She completed her Master’s degree in Psychology and is currently working as a mental health counselor.