Mila Davis Kent Age, Family, Bio

In the vibrant narrative of her journey, Movie Actress Mila Davis-Kent was born in the United States on May 13, 2012. She’s 11 years old today. This comprehensive biography provides a detailed insight into her life, focusing on the milestones and experiences that have shaped her trajectory. Let’s delve deeper to understand more about her early life, educational background, and career highlights.

Early Life and Background

Mila Davis Kent (born in 2013) is a 9 years old emerging Ameican Deaf Actor who has been in media coverage because her impressive acting skills propelled her into the media spotlight following her recent collaboration with none other than the renowned American actors Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson.

Despite her young age, Mila has a natural ability to captivate audiences with her exceptional acting skills, and her recent opportunity to perform the role of “Amara Creed” in the Michael B. Jordan film “Creed III” has only served to solidify her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Kent is an extraordinary young actress who is making a significant impact on the entertainment industry and showing how hard work can overcome any obstacle because she learned American Sign Language to portray Amara’s role with perfection, Which showcases her dedication to acting.


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How did Mila Davis Kent get the role in Creed III?

Mila shared that she was initially shocked and overjoyed when her mother, Kimberly Davis, informed her that she had been selected for a role in Creed III, considering it to be a fantastic opportunity.

She expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for the film and was delighted that she had trouble sleeping. However, when she first arrived on set, she was nervous since it was her first time acting in a movie.

But Mike, likely a crew member or cast member, made her feel at ease and reassured her that she could do it. She also felt that her involvement in the movie could inspire people in the black and deaf communities, demonstrating that they are just as capable as anyone else.

Who are Mila Davis Kent’s parents?

In 2013 Mila Davis Kent was born in the United States, where she grew up under the supervision of her mother, Kimberly Davis, and father, Michael Davis, in the United States. Still, her parents have not yet come out officially in the media.

Mila Davis Kent’s Instagram

In March 2022, her mother, Kimberly, recognized the importance of creating a social media presence for her daughter and set up her Instagram account. On April 7, 2022, Kimberly shared Mila’s first image on Instagram, showcasing her daughter on the set of CREED III.

Since then, Mila’s mother has continued to impress her followers with captivating photos of Mila’s journey in the film industry, giving us a glimpse into the exciting world of a rising star.

News about Mila Davis-Kent

Mila Davis-Kent has joined the cast of the highly anticipated Creed III. As Amara Creed, daughter of Adonis Creed in the film, Davis-Kent, a deaf actress, acts as a spokesperson for the deaf community.

Michael B. Jordan and the cast of the newly released blockbuster Creed III are holding press conferences around the world to whet the audience’s appetite for the latest installment in the series.