Monique Jeremiah: Age, Career, Net Worth And Boyfriend

Monique Jeremiah is popular celebrity in Australian entertainment industry. She is a famous model, actor, presenter, musician, and dancer. She comes from the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. Monique started Diversity Models to make the fashion world more inclusive.

She’s not just about looking good but is highly educated with a degree from Griffith Business School and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Let’s know more about this popular entertaining celebrity.

Full NameMonique Jeremiah
HeritageEurasian (Portuguese and Malaysian descent)
AgeIn her 30s
ResidenceGold Coast, Queensland, Australia
ProfessionModel, Actor, Presenter, Musician, Dancer
Founder ofDiversity Models
Notable WorkFeatured in The Corporate Escapists
Musical SkillsSoprano vocals, Piano player
Dance SpecialtySalsa
QualificationsBachelor of Business, Griffith Business School; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAFE QLD (2008)
Social MediaLinkedIn, Backstage (Possibly more platforms not explicitly mentioned)
HobbiesModeling for charity, Photoshoots, Collaborative Photography Projects
Monique Jeremiah Personal details

Monique Jeremiah Biography/Wikipedia

Monique is a talented Australian model in her 30s. She’s known for her work in photos, videos, and on runways, and she even had a role in The Corporate Escapists.

Monique is not just a model but also into acting, presenting, and music. She’s a solo musician with a beautiful soprano voice and can play the piano. Monique is great at dancing salsa too, adding another skill to her artistic talents. She founded Diversity Models to make sure everyone feels included in the modeling world.

Monique lives in Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She brings together her Australian and Eurasian background, supporting diversity in her personal life and work. With her age and successful career in different artistic areas, Monique continues to be a popular figure in the entertainment and modeling world.

Monique’s Looks/Style/Physical Appearance

Monique is a graceful and elegant person, standing at 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 121 lbs. She’s not very tall, but her small size adds to her charm. Monique has beautiful brown eyes that say a lot, and she has long hair, making her presence stand out in modeling and entertainment.

Monique’s Educational Background

Monique finished her studies at Griffith Business School in 2008, getting a Bachelor of Business. She also got a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from TAFE QLD. This shows she’s dedicated to learning about business and helping adults learn too.

Jeremiah’s Family Background

We don’t know much about Monique family, like her parents or siblings. There’s a legal case that talks about someone named Monique P., but it doesn’t give details about her family.

Boyfriend/Relation Status

Monique prefers to keep her relationship status private, and details about her current boyfriend, if any, are not publicly disclosed. The talented Australian artist values her personal life as a private matter, allowing her to focus on her career and passions without much public scrutiny.

Jeremiah’s Net Worth/Income

It’s a bit unclear how much money Monique Jeremiah has. One source suggests her net worth is between $250,000 and $499,999, but it’s tough to confirm if this information is reliable. There isn’t much other trustworthy info available about her finances.

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Jeremiah’s Career Achievement

Monique has lots of accomplishments in her life. She’s great at modeling, acting, presenting, and music. She started Diversity Models to make sure everyone feels included in the modeling world. Although we don’t know all the specific things she’s worked on, she was in The Corporate Escapists, and she’s connected with StarNow and Casting Now Talent Directory, which shows that people in the industry recognize her talents.

Monique’s Hobbies and Interests

Monique likes to do fun things outside of her work. She enjoys modeling for charity events, taking part in photoshoots, and working on photography projects with others. Even though we don’t know all the details, these activities show that she cares about helping others and being creative.

Jeremiah’s Social Media Presence

Jeremiah’s LinkedIn Profile

Monique shares her professional journey on LinkedIn. You can check out her accomplishments and roles by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Monique’s Backstage Profile

For a closer look at her modeling career and to connect with her, head over to Monique’s Backstage profile.

Instagram Profile

If you’re interested in visual insights into her life, Monique shares amazing photos on Instagram. For more about her modeling and interests, consider following her on these platforms.

Concluding Jeremiah’s Biography

Monique life story is all about being good at many things and not giving up, from the sunny Gold Coast to the exciting entertainment world. Every time she does something cool or walks on the runway of life, her story gets more interesting. Stay tuned for more updates on her life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Monique Jeremiah?

A: Monique is an Australian-born Eurasian model, actor, presenter, musician, and dancer. She is also the founder of Diversity Models, promoting inclusivity in the modeling industry.

Q: What is Diversity Models?

A: Diversity Models is an initiative founded by Monique Jeremiah to advocate for inclusivity in the modeling industry, embracing diversity in all its forms.

Q: Where does Monique live?

A: Monique resides in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, adding a touch of scenic beauty to her thriving career.

Q: What is Monique age?

A: Monique is in her 30s, adding to her dynamic presence in the world of modeling and entertainment.

Q: What are Monique musical talents?

A: Monique is a solo musician with soprano vocal skills and proficiency in playing the piano, showcasing her musical prowess

Q: What dance styles does Monique specialize in?

A: Monique mesmerizes audiences with her dance abilities, particularly excelling in art of salsa.

Q: Where can I find Monique Jeremiah’s professional profile?

A: Monique has a professional profile on StarNow, providing insights into her talents and ongoing projects.

Q: What qualifications does Monique Jeremiah have?

A: Monique holds a Bachelor of Business from Griffith Business School and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from TAFE QLD, both earned in 2008.

Q: Is Monique Jeremiah active on social media?

A: Yes, Monique maintains an active presence on LinkedIn and Backstage, offering glimpses into her professional achievements and modeling career.

Q: What are Monique Jeremiah’s hobbies?

A: Monique enjoys modeling events for charity, participating in photoshoots, and engaging in collaborative photography projects, her philanthropic and creative interests.