Score Big With Hotel Promo Codes

Whether through membership and loyalty programs or simply being flexible with your dates, you can quickly secure hotel discounts.

Aside from using promo codes, hotels can also provide discount rates through package discounts. It combines room booking with extra services like tours and activities.

Use a Credit Card

Hotel costs can be among the most significant expenses in a travel budget. Whether staying at a luxury resort or a cheap hostel, you can save on hotel stays using credit card rewards programs and promotional codes.

The most obvious way to save on hotels is to use credit cards with built-in rewards, such as airline and hotel loyalty program points or cash back. By accumulating and redeeming these rewards, you can cut your hotel bill considerably or even get a free stay.

Utilizing third-party websites like RetailMeNot to make hotel reservations is another option to save money. These websites frequently provide discounted rates unavailable on the hotel’s website or app. A few independent websites also let you book rooms with a discount code. 

If you do want to avoid dealing with third-party websites or credit cards, you can save by booking hotels through sites that bundle airfare and hotel accommodations into one price. 

Check Third-Party Websites

Discount codes can make your hotel more attractive to customers and differentiate it from competitors. The trick is to be creative and develop a unique offer that your competitors need to offer. For example, you could run a flash sale or a special deal around a specific event to encourage people to book your hotel in the lead-up to that particular occasion.

You can also promote your offers on travel websites and other third-party platforms to boost visibility. It is a great way to generate interest in your hotel and attract new guests without breaking OTA rate parity rules.

Another way to make your promotions more appealing is to create a complete guest experience. For instance, you can offer a discounted stay package with a continental breakfast, spa treatment, or guided city tour. This strategy can be particularly impactful if you aim to reach a specific group.

You can also offer promo rates only available via your online booking engine. These rates can be accessed by entering a promo code when booking. Loyalty members, repeat visitors and social media followers can use these restricted rates to get the best discounts at your hotel.

Pay with Cash

Many hotels offer cash-back programs for their guests. These programs reward you for your loyalty by giving you a certain percentage of the money you spend on your stay. This can be in the form of a check, a gift card, or even hotel points. You can find these offers on multiple websites, including those operated by airlines and hotels.

Frequent travelers already know how to take advantage of their elite status perks and how to use promo codes when booking on third-party sites. However, there are still some secrets of the trade that can help them save on travel costs.

Traveling locally is one of the best ways to save on hotel stays. Taking a trip to your city allows you to see it with fresh eyes and explore the local culture. Plus, you’ll avoid paying high airline prices and the stress of flying in an unfamiliar airport.

Another way to save on a hotel is by using cash-back apps. These apps reward you with a certain percentage of your purchase, which can be redeemed as a credit or gift card. They benefit hotels, as you can earn cash back on things like breakfast, gym access, and wifi.

Promotional rates are an excellent way for hotels to increase occupancy and stand out. These are discounts offered through promo codes, which are usually a part of a unique marketing campaign, such as an anniversary sale, season, or festive day sale.

Track Your Spending

Many people need help with budgeting. But instead of simply avoiding unnecessary spending, a better approach is to figure out where you are overspending. Tracking expenses is essential, especially regarding online or card spending. A spreadsheet, cash envelope system, money jar, or even the old-fashioned piggy bank can help you find trouble spots where your money is disappearing. Systematically recording each transaction lets you see where your money is going and make changes accordingly.

Promo codes are a great way to attract guests during slow periods, increase TRevPAR, and drive bookings. However, for hotel promo codes to be successful, they must be carefully designed and strategically marketed to ensure that they are effective and meet the desired business goals.

For example, a minimum length-of-stay promotion encourages guests to stay longer and spend more. At the same time, a package deal offers discount rates in conjunction with room upgrades to drive additional revenue. It is vital to set clear and measurable goals for each campaign so that the results can be analyzed and adjusted appropriately.

Another critical component of a hotel promotional campaign is properly defining and implementing cancellation policies for the hotel and the guest. It is critical to protect against any unforeseen situations or circumstances that could result in the need for a refund or cancelation.