Slots RTP And Volatility: What Is The Difference?

Today, gambling is a popular form of earning money available in many countries. Adult users can spin the reels to get the winnings. If a specific combination of symbols appears on the screen, gamers can get winnings equivalent to a certain amount of money. However, they fall out frequently in some machines while rare in others. In addition, specific slots allow you to win large amounts of money, while others are considered unprofitable. How do you understand which machine is worth choosing for gaming? We decided to analyze this question in detail.

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What Is RTP And Why Consider It When Choosing A Slot Machine?

When studying reviews of slot machines, you may have noticed that the RTP indicator is often indicated in many slots. Professional gamblers assess the probability of earning money based on this critical parameter. After all, it can indicate the payback of the chosen slot. The higher the RTP, the bigger the chance you will be able to profit from the game over a long distance. However, realising that this percentage is determined for a long-range game is essential. In other words, it will make little difference for making 10, 50 or 200 bets like

Some users mistakenly think an RTP of 95% means they can get back 95 dollars out of 100 dollars spent on bets. This can happen, but it will be a coincidence rather than a regularity. In reality, providers calculate about 50 thousand spins to determine the actual value of the return to the player in a particular machine. Therefore, you should not be upset if you lose more than you win at the beginning of your bets. The situation can fundamentally change in the long run.

It is worth noting that all RTP can be divided into two groups:

  • for progressive slot machines;
  • for slots with jackpots.

The first means the payback percentage of the main game; it does not consider the probability of winning in the bonus round. As for the second type, it characterizes the jackpot payout for a bonus game or winning an accumulative award.

Top 5 Classic Slots With High RTP

We analysed the market to understand which slots give users the best chance of success. The check results highlighted high RTP slot machines, namely slots with RTP higher than 96%, which will allow gamers to earn large sums of money in case fortune smiles. You can find detailed information about them in the table below.

Triple ProfitsThis slot machine from Playtech developer appeared at the beginning of April 2020. Since then, it has managed to gain great popularity among users, as it has one of the highest RTP. Today, it is 98.75%. There are only three winning lines in the presented slot, but this does not prevent players from making a profit, because the bet will be increased by 1000 times in case of a win.
Classic FruitThis machine from 1x2gaming was released around the same time as the previous slot. Its return rate is slightly lower, namely 97.37%. Making bets in Classic Fruit, users can win an amount that will exceed the size of the bet by 200 times, which is a very good indicator.
Couch PotatoThe company with a world-famous name Microgaming has also created a slot with a high RTP value of 97.43%. Playing it, you can win a decent amount of money, which will be x1500 of the bet size.
Golden ChanceA fascinating slot from the provider BF games, which became available to gamers back in 2017, took the fourth place in our rating. It enjoys its popularity to this day, as it has an RTP with a value of 98.11%. Another reason to start betting at Golden Chance is that the maximum winnings from a bet is x5000.
Mega JokerA slot machine that has been a real hit at the developer NetEnt. It was designed back in 2013, but this does not prevent it from staying in the leading positions even today. This slot with five reels has an RTP of 99%, which is a very rare indicator.

We have described above what slots have the highest RTP. Now, it is necessary to understand the no less important issue, which concerns the volatility of slot machines. We will talk about this below in the article.

Slot Volatility: How To Determine It And What It Affects

Many users who are just beginning their acquaintance with the iGaming industry question what does high volatility mean in slots. This term came into the gambling sphere from the probability theory, meaning the risk of losing. So, if you know the level of volatility, you will understand the probability of a big win. In total, you can distinguish three levels of slot variance:

  • low;
  • medium;
  • high.

The slots with a low volatility level guarantee frequent wins. However, in such a case, the winnings will be insignificant. Almost every spin can bring you a prize, but you should realize that its amount will be slightly higher than the one used when betting. If you are a gambler who likes big wins, you should pay attention to other machines.

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If you want to play in the best high volatility slots for free, you can get the list of games here, because this way, you will be able to understand how suitable this type of machine is for you. It is considered that those who dream of big winnings should pay attention to such machines. However, it would help if you realized that they will rarely fall out in this case. You can play for a long time without winning or losing bet after bet, but one day, you get such a big prize that it will not only cover the losses but also allow you to bring significant benefits.

If you are afraid to try betting for real money, we recommend testing demo slots, which you can find at SlotsUp. There is an extensive collection of free games here. You can enjoy playing them and check out many interesting articles, such as casino review.

As for the average volatility, it is pretty simple. The chain of wins in such games will often be formed, but the payouts will be slightly higher than in slots with low volatility. Therefore, if you want to choose the most promising slot for yourself, you should carefully look at its volatility and the RTP indicator.