The keys to the digital transformation of the educational model

The educational model, like any other, is in the process of digitalization and transformation driven by technology. For this process to continue at its pace, all agents in the sector have to do their part, managers, teachers and students. The growth that the e-Learning market is experiencing, almost 10% in recent years, is fundamental for the digital transformation of the educational model. Despite the growth, digital transformation still has a long way to go, as it is still sixth in the ranking of industries according to their potential for digital disruption, carried out by the Orange Foundation.

For education to climb this ladder, it is necessary to take into account certain key aspects that will help in its digital transformation: good connection in classrooms, use of mobile devices, audiovisual and interactive content and better support for students.

Connection in classrooms

Connection in the classrooms is a fundamental factor so that the educational model can continue with its transformation towards digital. According to a study by the Orange Foundation, more than 80% of Spanish classrooms have an internet connection, this has been key in the increase in consumption of digital content from  the National Library of Madrid. Although the internet connection is very important for the local seo service of the educational model and enriches it in an extraordinary way, educators cannot depend on it and must generate content that can also be consumed without having to connect to the Internet.

Use of mobile devices

The use of mobile devices by the entire population is already a fact, now we have to use them in favor of learning in the classrooms. For the transformation of the educational model to continue advancing, it is essential that educators generate content that adapts to all the different mobile devices.

‍ In addition, with these devices, students will be able to have access to a large amount of content that adapts to their different ways of learning. Furthermore, today there are multiple applications that help students enhance their performance in the classroom.

Audiovisual and interactive content

Learning with these types of content effectively empowers students, since they do not have to resort to the same texts, only on a screen but this provides them with added value.

That added value can come with interactive content, videos or texts that they can highlight, convert to voice or even search for terms they don’t know without leaving the document.

Better support for students

The use of new technologies to improve the educational model has to be a way of knowing what is happening to the student. Thanks to new technologies we will now be able to know the use that the student gives to the content and identify its shortcomings or virtues. For example, if there is content that no student is reading, we must rethink the way of giving them the information. The transformation of the educational model is happening and it is much simpler and cheaper than you think, what are you waiting for to see it for yourself?