The Luxury Bed Company | Fleming & Howland

When looking for elegance and expert craftsmanship in furniture making, you need look no further than Fleming & Howland. Every piece they put out – from their tufted beds to their wing back chairs – is a work of art. Behind their craft lies a history of skill and tradition.

A History of Artistry

Fleming & Howland traces back their history to the 18th century. At the time, Solomon Howland worked with shoes and cords. In 1780, he decided to use his craft maker skills to make chairs. From there, the business passed down from parent to child, and with it, their techniques. It would take another two generations – and another 100 years – for the business to start employing outside of the family.

In the 19th century, Fleming & Howland continued to specialize in making covers for chair frames for London fashion houses. With the turn of the century, however, many of the techniques that set Fleming & Howland apart became obsolete. The tradition they had painstakingly carried from father to son nearly disappeared.

John Howland, the 5th generation craftsman, saved the Fleming & Howland tradition. Along with his nephew, John Fleming, they revived their traditional craft. In honor of this struggle, they release two collections:

Classic: This collection of furniture was made using upholstery techniques of this new age.

Heirloom: This collection was made to represent their history and heritage. The furniture in this collection is made in a more time-consuming way, using hand-coloring and other traditional techniques.

In 2009, Fleming & Howland’s heritage was recognized. They were awarded the Chesterfield trademark and ever since, they have remained a family business.

Fleming & Howland Products

This luxury brand started off selling only chairs but over 200 years, their catalog has expanded. They now offer beautifully crafted:

  • Beds
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Corner Sofas
  • Dining Chairs
  • Wing back chairs
  • Office Chairs
  • Bar Stools
  • Foot stools


When it comes to materials, Fleming & Howland uses only the best and treats it with care. Their material is ethically sourced. Their upholsters have a long experience treating these materials with the utmost care and skill. In fact, they use hand-coloring techniques indigenous to the United Kingdom. The fabrics they primarily work with are bold in color yet simple in design. They typically use wool, velvet, and leather.

The Fleming & Howland Experience

The process to buy Fleming & Howland furniture is simple. You can easily navigate their website. Everything there is clearly marked and if you have any questions, you can contact them. They respond promptly and communicate clearly. Their furniture is easy to assemble. For example, their beds only need you to tighten the bolts with the tool they send with the piece. They never come with more than 7 pieces.

The process goes like this:

  1. Go to their website and look at their selection of furniture
  2. Pick the size you want
  3. Contact Fleming & Howland if you want to make changes
  4. Confirm your order and pay
  5. Wait for the furniture to be custom-made (approximations of wait times are available on each product page)
  6. Receive the furniture and easily assemble it if need be

Once you receive a Fleming & Howland piece, you will truly understand what makes their work art. The pictures on their website are not just for show. They are real-life accurate versions of what you are guaranteed to receive.

The Fleming & Howland Aesthetic

The furniture pieces Fleming & Howland creates are bold choices — even for the average designer. They are striking in their form and craftsmanship, and it’s not by accident.

  • Eccentric and Timeless

From its humble beginnings, Fleming & Howland has always prioritized its own style. They always went for traditionally bold British fabrics. To some, these fabrics may seem too loud or — on the contrary — too muted. Yet it is this mix of Art Deco, bold shapes, and traditional tufting that gives their furniture its charming, timeless appearance.

In Over 200 years, they have stayed true to their aesthetic. They understand that when you want luxury, you want skill and tradition. They have never given in to fast fashion or micro-trends.

  • Bold Colors

Fleming & Howland have carried over the centuries traditional leather staining techniques. These hand-coloring techniques give aniline cowhides vibrant colors. The techniques also accentuate the details of each cowhide, revealing beautiful patterns.

  • Bold Fabrics

Fleming & Howland only work with leather, wool, and velvet. While leather has earned its place in luxury furniture, wool and velvet come off as a strange choice. And yet, with their history of craftsmanship, they turn these traditional British fabrics into objects of luxury.

In Conclusion

Fleming & Howland is a well of artistry and history. Every piece they create goes on to live for decades, bringing beauty and elegance into the world. Their furniture can make for statement pieces in any room. Even their luxury beds can connect you to centuries of artistry.