Trending Gold Chain Styles for Men and Women

Gold chains are a closet essential that pairs well with any outfit. Whether you wear it over a white t-shirt or a polo neck, a gold chain adds sophistication and elevates any casual look.

The width of a gold chain can also make or break your overall look. For example, thin rolo chains and Singapore chains are go-anywhere and do-anything accessories, while chunkier Cuban link chains can add a bold and sophisticated statement.

Cuban Link Chains

A Cuban link chain is the perfect choice if you want to make a bold statement with your chain necklace. These chains are known for their thick, sleek look and can be worn alone or layered with other styles. You can even add a pendant to your chain to complete the look.

You can also pair your Cuban link chain with a plain shirt to let it take center stage. They look especially good with black or white shirts, as they match the tones of those colors.

Another thing that makes Cuban link chains so popular is that they can be worn with virtually any style of outfit, from a casual T-shirt to a tailored suit. They are one of the most versatile chain types, making them a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Figaro Chains

A Figaro chain is an intriguing take on another classic necklace style—the curb chain. While both chains are flat and have similar shapes, a Figaro chain features elongated links that add unique character to the piece.

These elongated oval links make figaro chains the perfect backdrop for simple pendants or dainty charms that showcase your flair. They also create a bolder look when layered with chains of different styles and lengths.

Because of their possible Italian origins, Figaro chains have a strong association with men’s jewelry. In centuries past, it was not uncommon to see upper-class Italian gentlemen sitting in the theatre wearing a Figaro chain as they waited for the performance to begin. Figaro chains remain a popular choice for both men and women today.

Box Chains

Gold chains are the perfect accessory if you’re looking for a stylish and affordable way to elevate your fashion game. Whether wearing a casual outfit or going out to a party, this gold chain by Mejuri will add the right amount of shine to your ensemble. It’s crafted with ethical gold and has a durable, safe finish for the skin.

Box chains are a new trend that is gaining popularity. They are similar to Cuban curb chains but have a more distinct look with oval twisted links. They can be worn inside the shirt for a more elegant and dapper look or with pendants. They’re also great for layering with other necklaces and styles. For example, pair a slim Connell chain with a bold box chain for an eye-catching look.

Herringbone Chains

Herringbone chains are a classic favorite and look best when worn independently for an elegant, sophisticated style. They can also be layered with other chains and pendants for a textured look.

For a modern take on this timeless jewelry trend, try wearing one of the ends of your herringbone chain around your neck as a bracelet. This will add a unique touch to your look and make you stand out.

A gold chain is a simple wardrobe essential that can elevate any look. It’s a great way to show off your style and can be worn with almost anything, from casual attire to more formal outfits. When choosing a gold chain, keep your face shape in mind and experiment with different lengths to find the one that looks best on you.

Choker Chains

A slim and subtle gold chain is a good choice if you’re a man with more minimalist sensibilities. You can go for gold chains like Figaro or Cuban link chains that look great with oversized prints and black turtlenecks, or you can opt for something more understated.

You can also try ball chain necklaces, which consist of tiny beads that can be connected very close together or with small spaces between them. They’re perfect for adding a touch of personality to your outfit, especially if you wear them with a dog tag or pendant.

While gold chains might seem like a no-brainer for rappers and iced-out A-listers, you can use them to elevate your style in any way you choose as long as you have creativity and confidence. The best part is that these gold necklaces will add a sense of luxury to any outfit, from a polo shirt to a t-shirt.