Trendy Casual shoe collections for men and how you can access them in Pakistan

Human needs also have been improved with every growing day. As time changes needs are fulfilled in much better and sophisticated way. One example of this is from our life’s necessities i.e., a great shift of humans from bare foots towards expensive variety of shoes. This has showed a great shift and progress in human’s life from past till now. Number of inspirations has lead to this much high progress. Whenever discussing about foot wear in Pakistan then it can be clearly seen that Pakistan is place which have its own hoe industry due to excess of leather industries. It’s not only popular in Pakistani but also gained great popularity at global level for its best work. Talking about men shoes you can clearly see two varieties i.e., casual and formal. Both are used alternatively for different purposes. Formal are categorized as special use while casual foot wear are from our routine uses.

Casual shoes for men

Casual shoes are specified basically to daily shoes foot wear of men like at house, used when only going for making groceries etc, for jogging etc. still these are included in casuals but demands different for these different uses. Men casual shoes include these types basically;


Its light weight and also comfortable type of shoes. It is commonly named as “Chappal” in our homeland Pakistan. Used at homes made of different stuff but common one is Nylon but now leather slippers are also common as they look more stylish and you can also wear them even when you are going out of home.


Trendier foot wear used both in educational institutes and comfortable to be used for daily routine visits etc. These have rubber sole while its upper side made up of either leather or of thick cloth. Multiple styling is available not only for casual use of men but also for women. The best part is that washable and can be used for long time. Use for jogging purposes is very common.


Beloved type from all foot wears of Pakistanis. This is the only foot wear variety in men which is considered as multipurpose like can be used for both either casuals or formals. It’s made up of leather and also known as summer foot wear. Variety is flat to number of others.

All included in casual shoes for men.

How to get shoes for men?

No matter either you are going to buy formal foot wear or shoes for casual use, first thing is to decide that by which source you want to get it. Two sources to get them are;

  • Through online websites like Logo Official
  • From stores available in bazaar

Both try to provide you with best products. But online source is growing a lot because it provides you with great variety and without any time limit and hinder to wander in markets. Casual shoes online are available at number of famous brands working both at national and international level.

Top brand for men all type of shoe collections is Logo Official. Logo Official is famous for its products and variety. Online services available time is not limited whenever you want to access.