Unveiling The Best Concealed Carry Purses For Modern Women 

Large number of women are now competing head-to-head in major industries and contributing to the global workforce. But violent crimes, especially against women, are also on the rise, leading to many modern women opting to carry concealed weapons for their safety. 

Without proper guidance, it can be cumbersome to find a suitable purse that could double as a concealed carry accessory. This guide aims to provide you with the best available option of concealed carry purses for modern women. 

1. Nine Line’s Concealed Carry Ceres Purse 


The concealed carry “Ceres” purse from Nine Line Apparel is the most sought-after concealed carry purse due to its combination of style and protection. This over the shoulder bag is constructed with quilted material that adds a flair to the overall look of the purse. 

Ceres purse is also fitted with multiple padded compartments with hook and loop lining and an additional holster that allows you to customize the pocket’s placement.  

Furthermore, the concealed compartment can easily carry a concealed weapon of 5.5” height X 9” width and the elegant design can be paired with any outfit while increasing your safety. 

When carrying a SIG P229 pistol, having a proper holster designed for that specific model is key for both security and quick access. High quality sig p229 holster options crafted to precisely fit the SIG P229 frame keep the firearm protected while allowing smooth, reliable drawing when needed.

2. Jessica Satchel from Lady Conceal 

Lady Conceal has emerged as the go-to brand for delivering flawless products with uncompromising quality. Their signature Concealed Carry Jessica Satchel is the most versatile concealed carry purse on the market. 

Constructed with soft and flexible top-grain faux leather, Jessica Satchel has a spacious interior that is divided by two zippered pockets.  

Moreover, the scratch-resistant nylon back panel is designed with an ambidextrous concealment compartment that can be accessed by left and right-handed users. It is also fitted with a universal holder and Velcro on both sides for secure concealment. 

3. GTM’s Clutch Purse, Distressed Buffalo 


Gun Tote’N Mamas’ Clutch Purse is constructed with high-quality distressed vintage tanned full-grain buffalo leather. The rich, distressed patina of the leather is cultivated through a natural tanning process. During this process, the oils secreted give the leather a wonderful soft texture. 

The purse is also fitted with 11-ply reinforced steel wire and a special pad that prevents gun imprinting. In addition,  the clutch purses come with an ambidextrous conceal design and a standard holster.   

Apart from the sturdy construction, the purse is fitted with multi-color rivets that accompany the flap over closure. This clutch purse provides you with utmost security due to its sturdy construction while elevating your style statement. 

4. Concealed Carry Leather Tote By Montana West 

The concealed carry tote by Montana West is constructed with 100% genuine leather and has a spacious interior crafted with two open slip pockets on the front and an additional zip pocket with another slip pocket on the back. 

The double handles feature a 10” drop, gold-tone hardware with 4 studs on the bottom for additional stability and protection. Moreover, the ambidextrous concealment compartment measures 9.5” length X 7.5” height and can store a large frame weapon. 

Additionally, the tote purse features decorative laces, and the color of the purse could vary due to the use of genuine leather. 

5. Annie’s Secret Zip-Top Shoulder Bag 


Annie’s Secret Collection from American West is inspired by the prevalent shoulder bags of the 70s. The purse’s 100% genuine full-grain cowhide leather is hand-dyed and molded to preserve its natural texture and sheen.  

The hidden back wall compartment has dual openings and chrome leather lining that can fit a weapon 9” in length and 5” in height. It also has a 100% cotton lining with 2 interior open pouches and an additional interior zipper pocket. 

Moreover, the handbag has an adjustable shoulder strap with a 14-16″ drop, American West’s products also include a protective storage bag. 

6. MIA from GunHandbags 

Mia is the epitome of style that encapsulates the freedom of a stylish woman while providing the security of a concealed carry purse. The handbag provides ample storage space with phone compartments and a rear pocket.  

Constructed with vegan leather, Mia comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. The concealed pocket is located in the middle of the bag and the ambidextrous design can securely hold a full-sized weapon with ease.  

Mia is available in funky and vibrant color combinations of Camel Yellow and Purple, & White. 

7. Concealed Carry Kendall Leather Tote from Lady Conceal 


Crafted with premium distressed full-grain leather, the Kendall stitched tote from Lady Conceal is decorated with intricate lacing and crisscross stitching to increase its glamour and appeal. 

The ample storage can be availed to store full-size laptops, clothing articles etc. Meanwhile, the locked concealed weapon pocket is located in the center of the purse for easy access. The concealed compartment features an ambidextrous design and is made from scratch-resistant nylon. 

It is also fitted with two front slip pockets, a back zippered pocket, one large open pocket and a leather key strap with magnetic closure.  


Safety is paramount for a modern woman, whether traveling via public transport or going for a casual outing. Carrying a firearm can be a hassle and a safety concern if you don’t have the proper accessories.  

These concealed carry purses can be your ideal partner to carry a firearm, so you are always ready for any situation without worrying about accidental discharge.