Warning Signs It’s Time To Buy A New Ergonomic Office Chair

Warning Signs It's Time To Buy A New Ergonomic Office Chair

Is your office chair one of the reasons for your low productivity in the past days? If yes, then now may be a good time to invest in an ergonomic office chair. These chairs are designed with curved back shape, which provides backrest support and prevents lower back pain.

There are many other ways to find out whether or not “now” is the right time to replace your office chairs. As you read on, you’ll discover a few warning signs to understand you need to get a new, comfortable office chair today.

1.  Non-adjustable

Many people buy office chairs today for different reasons. Some go for chairs because of their attractive and unique designs. If you purchased your current office chair because of its design rather than its functionality, now may be the time to replace the chair. This is especially true if the chair doesn’t have any adjustable features.

Today, the perfect ergohuman office chairs should have different adjustable features, such as:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Height adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest support
  • Backrest angle support

All these adjustable features are crucial and will help increase your productivity in the office. With them, you can customize your chair in a way that makes you feel very comfortable. You’ll find some of the best ergonomic office chairs at Comfort Global today.

2.  Lifespan

Agreed, your office chair is a long-term investment. But even at that, you need to keep in mind that they also have their lifespan. According to industry experts, most comfortable office chairs can last up to 7 or 8 years. If you’ve been using your chair for around 8 years, now may be the right time to replace it.

You’re most likely to experience the following issues if you continue using your chair after exceeding its lifespan:

  • Lowered stability & support
  • Decreased comfort
  • High risk of accidents due to wear & tear

To prevent these issues, it’s advisable to buy a more comfortable office chair and replace the old one.

3.  Changes in sitting posture

Changes in sitting posture is a good sign you need to replace your office chair. For instance, if the chair makes it pretty hard for you to maintain proper alignment, you need to replace it before it causes lower back pain. Furthermore, if the chair currently causes discomfort or slouching, you should also replace it to avoid issues like poor posture and musculoskeletal-related problems.

4.  Faulty parts

Like many other things, ergonomic office chairs have components that can become faulty or damaged over time. That said, if your chair currently has damaged or faulty parts, now may be a good time to consider replacing it.

This issue won’t only compromise your chair’s functionality and comfort. In addition, it could also put you at risk of accidents and injury. Check if the faulty parts can be addressed effectively. If not, we recommend buying a new, ergonomic office chair from Comfort Global.

5.  Wear & tear

As amazing as ergohuman office chairs are, you need to understand they also have their issues. Over time, these chairs can develop wear and tear due to the following factors:

  • Improper usage
  • Regular use
  • Heavy weight or larger body size
  • Exposure to different environmental factors, such as extreme temperature or moisture.
  • Type of materials used for crafting the chair
  • Lack of proper maintenance culture

If your ergonomic office chair currently has wear and tear, we recommend replacing it as soon as possible. You can visit Comfort Global today for top-quality, comfortable office chairs at competitive rates.