Why GRE score is important in academic admission procedure?

GRE is a competitive examination and the score that one gets serve as an important gatekeeper – because this examination evaluates the applicant’s academic preparedness and aptitude when it comes to graduate level of education. Many graduate programs actually want to assess a candidate’s potential to excel in a very tough academic environment.

Taking proper preparations before sitting for the examination and it is true that one needs months to prepare for it. One can enrol for a GRE coaching center where they can attend either GRE classes online or offline. The experts are there to share the necessary study materials and one can learn from experts while practicing and clearing their doubts. The moment one realizes how much significant their GRE score is in the admission process – it becomes easy for them to prepare studiously.

Qualifying this test means one is taking a leap for advanced studies. And when it comes to advanced and difficult studies – the test will also be in advanced standard, right? GRE is also not an exception. Though one can feel a lot of stress, and anticipation before sitting for this examination – always remember that following a study routine, and dedication can always help one to cross the barrier.

What do GRE scores represent?

One of the major purposes of this examination is to provide the graduation programs with a standardized measure of a candidate’s academic preparation, and their aptitude. The test is designed in such a way that the examiner can see the examinee’s analytical writing, critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills. All of these are tested to see if the candidate is competent enough to enrol for a graduation-level academic setting. Having a strong percentile in GRE means they can easily handle the advanced coursework that the program will ask them to learn.

How do colleges compare the applicants?

GRE score offers a standardized benchmark that can allow the admission committees to compare the applicants with each other from one level. Applicants come from diverse educational backgrounds, and hence GRE can help them to bring parity from different grading systems they come from. The score stands as a standardized metric that the college admission team can use to compare the applicants from different education system, and ensure that fairness has been maintained.

Why is it better to apply with GRE scores?

Apart from academic achievements, personal statements, recommendation letters, and resumes – a GRE score can also offer a metric objective along with other subjective achievements. The GRE scores help the admission center to analyze the applicant’s academic abilities. Both qualitative and quantitative factors are needed so that one can get a comprehensive understanding of any applicant’s potential.

GRE also serves a better platform for applicants who are non-traditional – that means, they might not have a conventional academic background. There are many individuals who might have pursued some alternate paths as careers after passing out from schools, and they can lack recent grades along with other traditional academic markers. For them, a strong performance in the GRE examination matter more. Also, since they are not in touch with academia for a long time – they also need to prepare thoroughly. Attending best GRE online classes can help them to prepare better and thorough in the process.

What is the role of GRE in the application?

Though the GRE score is very significant when it comes to graduation admission process, but it is not definitive. There are plenty of other factors that a university admission team can look for. There are additional things that they check on through portfolio reviews, interviews, writing samples, and more so that they can have a comprehensive understanding of an applicant. A well-rounded application along with a satisfying GRE score is what most universities look for.

But a lot of candidates might feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to making a well-proof application for the graduate schools. No matter how much one scores in a GRE examination – if they cannot make a strong application, then it might not work for them. So, if one is feeling tensed about that, getting help from the experts is a good idea. Jamboree India has expert counselling sessions that one can book to have a clear idea on how to make a strong application.

Here, the expert can not only help one on which universities should be ideal for them to apply but they also tell them how to make a great portfolio, how many recommendation letters they would need, and everything else.

Is there are shorter version of GRE?

There is a shorter version of GRE test available as well. The ETS has made some changes in the new version. They are:

  • The test duration has come down from 4 hours to 2 hours.
  • There are more than 40 questions that are lesser than the previous form when it comes to the section of Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning.
  • There are no scheduled breaks in the test.
  • The results are available sooner – at least a week before than the longer format.
  • There will be only one analytical essay to write.

When one is thinking about which version of GRE examination to sit for – the main reason they should look at is the application deadline of their preferred colleges. As the shorter format of GRE gives away a score in a week – and one has less time in hand, then they can easily go for this format. But if the application deadline is far away or does not matter at the time, then one can approach for any of the format. This can be based on their personal preferences.

One must remember that preparing for GRE is not an easy thing. One has to dedicate months to thoroughly study the syllabus and practice before they sit for the actual examination. Making a routine and studying daily according to that can be a great idea to have a proper study plan. Writing mock tests to find out which parts of the syllabus are still weaker, and needs more work can also help.