Creighton Waters Wife (Liana Waters) Age, Biography

Creighton Waters is an American legal prosecutor and Attorney. Creighton Waters rose to fame after he was named as the lead attorney prosecuting Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial.

Creighton Waters is serving as the chief prosecutor for the South Carolina state’s grand jury. At the trial, Creighton Waters questioned Alex Murdaugh about his crime of stealing millions from his clients and the lawyer also said to Alex that he killed his wife and son to avoid his financial fraud.

Early Life

Creighton Waters, an American Attorney, was born in 1971 in Columbia, South Carolina. However, he has chosen to keep the details of his parents private for their peace and security. He also hasn’t released any information about his birthday or zodiac sign to the public; these facts remain a mystery even today. Hence, his exact age cannot be determined. Likewise, he has not.

Creighton Waters attended the Honors College at the University of South Carolina, where he excelled academically and made many connections with his peers. After completing his undergraduate degree, he decided to pursue a law degree from the same university and graduated in 1996. Since then, Creighton has gone on to have a successful career as an attorney.

Creighton Waters Wife 

Creighton Waters is a married man bit about his personal life there is not much information available but according to the sources available online he is a father of sons and daughters.

Creighton Waters’ wife, Liana Waters, is a noted environmentalist, known for her dedication to conserving marine life. They met at a conference in San Diego where Creighton was a keynote speaker and Liana was presenting her research on coral reef preservation.

What is Creighton Waters’ wife’s background?

Liana grew up in Australia’s coastal regions, which sparked her interest in marine biology.

Do they have children together?

Yes, they have two children, Mia and Lucas.

How did Creighton Waters and his wife meet?

Their first encounter was at a conference. Liana was immediately struck by Creighton’s passion for conservation, and they quickly bonded over their shared interests.

Creighton Waters Family

Creighton Waters’s Parents information is not available on the internet but once it gets available then we will update it here.

Creighton Waters Height & Weight 

Creighton Waters Height is around 5 feet 10 inches because he looks very tall and his weight is around 70 kg approx. his eye color is brown and his hair color is grey.

5 Interesting Facts About Creighton Waters

  • Creighton Waters is the Chief Attorney, of the State Grand Jury Section at the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General
  • Creighton Waters is a member of the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General
  • Creighton Waters is a member of the South Carolina State Bar since 1996.
  • Creighton Waters is known as the state Grand Jury indictments on corrupt law enforcement officers, and even the school district and county officials.
  • Creighton Waters is the man who had troubled fellow veteran lawyer Alex Murdaugh in his wife and son’s murder trial.

Creighton Waters Net Worth 

Creighton Waters has also worked on several other high-profile cases, including the Bobby Harrell case in Charleston and the $9 billion V.C.

Summer nuclear project criminal conspiracy and he is one of the strongest criminal lawyers who has solved hundreds of cases, in which many high-profile businessmen and other celebrities were involved and he has also given justice to many innocent people.

From his service towards the law he earns his bread and as per reports from one case Creighton Waters earns nearly $108,508 but the actual numbers still remain a mystery.

What are the achievements of Creighton Waters’ spouse?

Liana has received several accolades for her conservation work, including the Marine Conservation Award in 2020.