From the Lab to the Red Carpet: Celebrities Embracing Lab-Grown Diamonds

The traditional diamond industry has been spoiled by Lab-Grown diamonds. The optical, physical, and chemical characteristics of these lab-produced stones are the same as it is real diamonds, but their prices are reasonable and come from ethical sources. General Electric (GE) made the first lab-grown diamonds, in the 1950s. Lab-grown diamonds offer beautiful appearances, lower costs, and ethical sourcing. Diamond market is affected by this. To accommodate this growing demand, even De Beers, launched a brand of lab-grown diamonds called Lightbox, the biggest diamond mining business in the world.

Science Behind Lab-Grown Diamonds

De Beers and James Allen like retailers are capitalizing on the trend by producing lab-grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, bringing lab-grown diamonds to the bridal sector as well. A lab-created diamond is produced far more quickly than a diamond mined from the earth, and its prices are less than those of earth-mined diamonds. Celebrities, influencers, and consumers are all expressing an increasing level of popularity for the movement as it enters the mainstream.

Lab-Grown Diamond and Mined Diamond

Jewelers cut and polished the Lab-Grown diamond like any other diamond that has been extracted from the earth. The result of this whole procedure is the production of two stones that are similar to each other. The making procedure of Lab-Grown diamond is more efficient and eco-friendly. The price is around about 30% less than the mined Diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming the future of the Diamond Industry. The luxury jewelry market is becoming more representative result of the accessibility of lab-grown diamonds.

Ethical Perspectives of Lab-Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are ethically acceptable as compared to natural diamonds. Diamond mining industries also face different controversies like child labor or damage to the environment. Selecting Lab Grown Diamond, helps consumers to not promote unethical activities. Lab-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly than natural diamonds. The mining procedure left a bad impact on the environment like habitat loss and deforestation. The production process of Lab-grown diamonds is more transparent than the natural ones.

Celebrities Choose the Lab-grown Diamond

Numerous celebrities who are well-known for their lavish tastes and glamorous lifestyles are embracing the trend of lab-grown diamonds.

Niki Reed

Niki Reed and Ian Somerhalder announced their engagement after six months of dating in February 2015. Even though the lab-grown Diamond feature was not in the Twilight actress’s first engagement. Niki Reed announces that she intends to remake it with Man-made stone. She explained that my Husband is completely supportive of my decision to replace my current engagement with a naturally occurring diamond.

Niki Reed launched her Jewelry company named “Bayou with Love” which have all bridal accessories which are made with reclaimed gold and grown diamond. My mission is to create sustainable goods, but I had the misconception that sustainability and luxury products can’t live together. She explained that I felt creating jewelry with recycled gold was the perfect match.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an actress and campaigner. She made a statement with her jewelry at the 2018 Academy Awards. When she wore lab-created accessories, the Harry Potter star went to the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. She also displayed an Ana Katarina recycled gold Sapphire cuff. Her Vrai and Oro earrings were also made of Lab-grown Diamonds.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is famous as Fashion Icon and an advocate for environmental conversation. When Prince Harry proposed the Meghan Markle, he gifted with a beautiful engagement ring, made of Lab-grown diamond sourced from Botswana. This action highlights their commitment to promoting responsible practices within the Diamond industry.

The Duchess of Sussex wore lab-created diamond earrings from Kimai, at the event in London in January 2019. Brand only used Lab-grown diamonds to create beautiful jewelry and packed each article with recyclable materials.

Jennifer Hudson

The Honourable American Singer and Actress strongly believe in Lab Grown Diamonds. Jennifer Hudson has embellished her clothing with different cultivated stones on her occasions

Jennifer wore an 18k white gold and rhodium vermeil ring at the 2018 Brit Awards, the ring had a 5-carat center stone with a cushion cut.

Penelope Cruz

She presented her jewelry in collaboration with Atelier Swarovski in 2018 during the 71st Cannes Film Festival. She gave a statement, that it’s very emotional to create something beautiful, responsible, and empowering for women. She also collaborated with Swarovski to create jewelry by using gold that was obtained during the Paris Couture Week. Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Zendaya, Laura Dern, Olivia Palermo, and Karlie Ross regularly wore her jewelry which featured Lab-Grown Sapphires and Rubies.


She is a Singer and Businessman from Barbados and has a fine sense of style. She is not only famous for her music and Fenty Cosmetic products, but she also performs well on the red carpet

She wore an incredible set of diamonds on her black Saint Laurent bubble and fuchsia dress for her 30th birthday celebration.


Lab-grown diamond is known as a powerful symbol of sustainability, responsibility, and ethical shopping. These well-known individuals set an example for the rest of the world by choosing lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings, public appearances, and fashion statements. Their decisions showcase the attraction and beauty of these eco-friendly diamonds while encouraging others to make similarly stylish yet moral decisions. We can all help to change the jewelry industry and save our environment by accepting lab-grown diamonds, one brilliant stone at a time.