Most Effective Passive Abilities in Apex Legends

Mastering a particular playstyle with your Apex Legends account will require a thorough understanding of the chosen legend. The game offers surprisingly deep mechanics that go far beyond pointing a gun and shooting, which plays a big part in the allure of this multiplayer title.

Respawn Entertainment has always done a good job of finding new ways to bring the FPS genre to a broader audience, but they also succeeded in making it palatable to several generations of gamers. That is no easy trick to pull and is a testament to how impeccable the game’s design is, with active and passive skills feeding off of each other in exciting ways.

Here, we’ll look at the most effective passive abilities in Apex Legends, super-important for anyone learning the ropes!

Seer’s Heart Seeker

Tracking enemies across Apex Legends’ massive maps is what constitutes the early portion of a match. It’s a balanced act where some legends can don a predator-like persona, lurking in the bushes to pinpoint the other team’s next move. Then, it’s ambush time!

Seer makes tracking even more fun due to his innate Heart Seeker passive. As the name implies, it’s essentially an ability that senses the heartbeats of all other legends within a 75-meter radius. Seer has to aim with a weapon to initiate it and keep an eye for a moving circle close to the reticle, eventually honing in on an enemy. At the same time, Seer can discover the remaining hit points of the target, just by their heart rate. 

The playing field is subject to much change during an average Apex Legends match, with various loot and booster items suddenly populating it to aid or hinder players. Once players catch a whiff of a nearby crate, it’s imperative that your team makes it there first, unless you enjoy giving your foes a potentially decisive helping hand.

Crypto is one of those legends who excel in controlling the map with his active Surveillance Drone skill. However, it’s actually his passive Neurolink ability that does most of the heavy lifting there. It allows all team members to “share” the drone’s collected data, and proceed to tag every enemy within its range. When utilized properly, Neurolink can result in the quick reveal of entire enemy teams.

Bangalore’s Double Time

Getting hit in Apex Legends is not something you can avoid in a reliable manner, but it is panic-inducing nonetheless. Most legends don’t have easy access to a healing salve nor can withstand heavy rounds of enemy fire. Bangalore, however, has a unique passive trait of self-applying a speed boost anytime she gets hit or shot at!

In practice, this deceptively timid ability finds tons of uses due to how smartly it ties in with the rest of her kit. For example, you can rely on Double Time to zip between enemies after using her Smoke Launcher or orient by a foe’s missed shot to figure out when is the optimal time to deploy the Rolling Thunder airstrike.

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