You Can Use Hot Tubs in Sterling Heights MI Year Round

Michigan is a cold state with long, harsh winters that cause many residents to stay cozy inside the house until the temperatures warm up in the spring. 

Unfortunately, that means missing out on what can also be a beautiful season, particularly during the holidays. You can even enjoy the still of a new-fallen snow from the comfort of a hot tub. 

Homeowners can winterize Sterling Heights Michigan hot tubs for the season to protect them from the extreme weather, or you can keep the spa running throughout these months, a better choice with perks like enjoying what a brisk day can offer from the comfort of the warm water.

Everyone needs time outside to enjoy nature despite the temperatures. It’s mentally invigorating, plus the hot water can be good for muscles and joints that become stiff and sore in the bitter cold. 

Winter Hot Tub Tips 

Many Sterling Heights residents feel the ideal hot tub season is when the temperature drops, while others believe this should be the time to shut the spa down. 

Michigan offers a long, harsh winter with frigid temperatures, but no one wants to spend what can be roughly six months of the year holed up inside their house waiting for the temperatures to warm back up. 

People like to be outside enjoying nature, and all it has to offer. That’s especially true during the holidays when many plan a variety of holiday festivities, including spa parties. 

Whether the tub is your focal point year-round or you close it down when the temperatures grow frigid, keeping it maintained is a priority. Learn about hot tub maintenance at and then follow here for tips on caring for your spa. 


Spa owners won’t need to winterize their hot tub if the spa will be used routinely throughout the winter. If the equipment will sit for more than “six weeks” without use, you can let it run on a low setting if you are there to check on the equipment constantly. 

Winterizing is essential when the spa sits unused for longer than a couple of months. You can either handle this yourself or preferably allow a professional hot tub expert to perform the service. Despite winterizing and draining the tub, it should be routinely inspected for signs of water collection. 

In Michigan, with temperatures constantly dropping below freezing, it’s essential to keep any water removed to avoid the possibility of damage. Even with a cover, moisture can develop. 

Changing the water 

When the spa is used over the winter, the water should be drained and changed early before the weather turns cold. Otherwise, it will be difficult to do. Inspection and maintenance should be handled before the extreme Sterling Heights temperatures set in. 

This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the hot tub all season in its best condition, requiring minimal further care and upkeep. 

A priority is to pay close attention to the water level throughout the season. Flow issues can become a problem when the level gets low, not to mention the possibility of the heater shutting down. When the climate is dry, moisture will be absorbed, whether in the winter or summer. 

If you don’t use the tub frequently, checking it at least once twice each week is wise to maintain the water level regardless of whether you use a cover. The water can still dissipate with a cover in place and can do so quickly. The more often the tub is used, the more the water will need to be cleaned and the level increased. 

The hot tub cover 

Hot tub covers can serve many purposes, one being to protect the water from debris and avoid temperature loss that generally happens near the surface. The objective is to maintain the heat to reduce utility costs. 

An added layer of protection would be to place a functional “floating thermal blanket” designed to sit on the surface to help a high-quality cover keep the heat from escaping. The cover should be cared for to avoid possible cracks or tears. 

These should be cleaned and treated with adequate conditioners to protect the vinyl against harsh Michigan weather. With conditioner, the vinyl stays soft, leaving less chance for cracks. 

Inclement weather like snow or sleet/ice should be gently swept away with a soft bristle brush as it accumulates. A shovel or scraper will damage the surface as will leave heavy amounts of snow and ice to build up on the surface of the cover. Staying on top of removal is critical for the cover’s integrity.

Final Thought 

Seattle Heights residents want to enjoy their hot tubs throughout the winter season, especially with the upcoming holiday season. Go here for tips on shopping for hot tubs in Sterling Heights.

Many festivities can be planned around a hot tub despite the frigid temperatures. With sufficient care and upkeep, it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors and your spa all year long.